How to set up DEWA and internet in your new home

It is better to apply for your DEWA and landline the moment you receive your tenancy contract

After finally moving out (and using our comprehensive checklist), it is now time to make your new home as comfortable and entertaining as you want it to be. gives you a simple step-by-step guide to set up your DEWA and internet connection in your new home in Dubai.

Setting up DEWA


The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is the sole provider of electricity, water and sewerage in Dubai.  Below is the application process and fees for setting up your DEWA account.

Application Process:

1. Collect application for services from DEWA Customer Service locations or online.

2. Submit the signed application form along with the required documents at any of the Customer Care Centers or online.

3. Pay the security deposit at the payment counter and collect the security deposit receipt.

Documents Required (for personal connection):

1. Filled-out and signed Application Form.

2. Copy of signed Tenancy Contract.

3. Passport copy (tenant and landlord) with valid visa page.

4. Proof of Ownership or Deed of Sale or Sales Agreement copy.

5. Authorization letter, in the absence of the applicant.

Additional Documents (if the property is leased by the company)

1. NOC issued by the company.

2. Trade license of the company.

3. Passport copy of the company’s authorized signatory.

Fees / Charges

1. Security deposit is subject for refund upon vacating the premises (only with original receipt):

  • Villa: 4,000AED
  • Apartment: 2,000AED

2. Connection Fee: 100 AED for small meters and 300 AED for large meters applicable upon registration. Connection charges are subject to each company’s policy.

3. Admin Fee: 30AED applicable for every connection application; this includes registration, knowledge, and innovation fees.  Admin fees are also subject to each company’s policy.

4. Housing Fees: levied on all expatriates in Dubai as part of the services provided by Dubai Municipality.

Setting up Landline & Internet in Dubai

du etialat

There are two major network operates in the UAE that provide your mobile, landline and internet services:


Etisalat’s internet offers various internet access options for residential users, from a basic dial up connection to high speed ADSL connection. To apply for an Etisalat plan, the subscriber must be a resident of Dubai. 

A standard telephone line is also required for internet and cable service. The activation period is typically the same day if there is not a technical visit required.

Documents required:

  • Passport (original and copy).
  • Tenancy agreement (original and copy).
  • Residence permit (original plus 2 copies).
  • Subscription fee (costs vary by package selected).


Most new developments are serviced by du.  Since du signed contracts to service these buildings, many are pre-wired to service du service television, landline and internet.  Du’s internet service is packaged with their landline and television services. Activation usually takes 4-5 days.

Documents required:

  • Passport (original and copy).
  • Tenancy agreement (original and copy).
  • Completed application form available at any du office.
  • Customers must own or reside in an area serviced by du.

*Pro tip: it is better to apply for your DEWA and landline the moment you receive your tenancy contract, preferably 2-3 days before you move into the new house. 

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