The first step to sell your home

Find a reputable and experienced real estate agent

Time to sell your property in Dubai? Trying to figure out how to sell your property in the most efficient way while making the most profit? Property Finder has put together a few points to remember when going through the sale process.  

Real Estate Professionals

The most important component to selling a property is the real estate company and the real estate agent that you choose.  You want to consider the following when looking for real estate professionals:

    • Find a reputable and experienced real estate company & real estate agent


    • Make sure the real estate company has a valid ORN # from the Dubai Land Department


    • Make sure the real estate agent you are working with has a valid RERA # from the Dubai Land Department


  • Find a real estate agent who is a specialist in the area where your property is located

Once you have found the right real estate agent, you will be asked to sign RERA Form A which is the Broker’s Contract Agreement between the seller and the real estate agent.


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RERA Forms

Your best advocate: 88% of property seekers expect their agent to negotiate price on their behalf


Market Analysis

Next, ask your real estate professional for a market analysis of your property.  An experienced real estate agent will be able to give you a concise report recommending an appropriate sales price and the estimated time frame you should expect to sell your property given market conditions.  The recommended sales price is what you realistically should expect to sell your property for based on its specifications and your area’s current trend. Setting a realistic sales price is key to ensuring the most effective and profitable outcome.

Once you have reviewed the market analysis with your real estate agent and set your price, you are now ready to market your property.  

Market Your Property

Your real estate professional will properly guide you on how to ‘stage’ your home for viewings.  This is extremely important as first impressions count and you want to attract buyers.

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