Top 5 New Dubai Projects to Get You Excited

There’s more reason now more than ever that Dubai is at the center of the world. Famous for its skyscrapers, Dubai’s projects of tomorrow are about to take on a whole new spectrum of a wow factor.

Museum of the Future

Not all museums are about yesteryear. Shaped like an oval spaceship and with a 3D-printed structure, the Museum of the Future will be the epicenter of innovation and technology. Expect to see robots and other technologies in automotives and genetics. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum poetry will be engraved in the exterior and he revealed that the museum will be “a global destination for inventors and entrepreneurs”. Located close to Burj Khalifa, the completion date is set just around the corner in 2017.


Mall of the World

Ever lost your bearings in Dubai Mall? Enter Mall of the World; bigger than you imagined, spanning 48 million square feet. To put things into perspective, that’s around four times bigger than Dubai Mall. You would probably have to book a hotel room in one of its 100 hotels and leave the kids at its largest indoor game park in the world to complete your shopping spree. Other highlights on the agenda include covered streets running 7 kilometres, theatre and cultural areas and a tram to take you there and fro. 8 million square feet of it will be completed by 2020 but you’ll have to wait 15 years for the grand finale.


Blue Waters Island

A manmade island hugging the coastline and skyline of Dubai, Blue Waters Island will feature the world’s largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai. Located in Jumeirah Beach Residence, it’s expected to attract more than 3 million visitors annually with its bustling retail, dining and tourism hotspots. A connecting bridge to transport links and a walk to the beach means luxury residency among the shores and urban city life. Plans for completion are smooth sailing with expectations in 2018.


Aladdin City

Genie has answered our wishes with Aladdin City and the 3 golden glistening towers in the shapes of his lamps. It’s a whole new world with the two commercial towers and a 33-storey hotel, connected through two bridges made to look like dragons and lizards. Aladdin City will be built in Dubai Creek but no official date for the finishing product has been announced yet.


Dubai Harbour

Introducing interlocking manmade islands with the largest marina in the Middle East. The 1,400-berth marina will increase Dubai’s capability to hold 50 per cent more yachts, as well as larger ones of up to 85 metres. Illuminating the 20 million square foot islands will be a ginormous 135 metre-high lighthouse hotel with a top deck adorning 360° views. Located off King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, Dubai Harbour will also offer waterfront luxury resident living. Once construction is underway, it is expected to be finished in only 4 years.


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