What’s in a name? why we’re thrilled to obtain the Propertyfinder.com domain

This month, we acquired the propertyfinder.com domain name from Zoopla, a leading UK real estate website.

Zoopla, which attracts over 40 million visits per month, has also taken a strategic 1% stake in Propertyfinder Group as part of the deal.

We’re the Middle East and North Africa’s leading real estate portal with operations in seven countries across the region – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and the UAE. Such a vast international footprint made getting control of the propertyfinder.com domain hugely important to us.

No longer will visitors to propertyfinder.com be confused by finding a website unconnected to our company. Instead, potential customers now reach a slickly-designed landing page featuring clear links to our seven dedicated country portals.


With more than 2 million visits per month, it’s true we’ve flourished with individual country websites – each uses an appropriate domain such .ae for the UAE, .eg for Egypt and so on – but acquiring propertyfinder.com will reinforce our credibility, increase our page hits and bolster our search engine rankings.

Zoopla regularly features among the UK’s top tech companies, so its commitment to Propertyfinder Group is a huge vote of confidence in our business. We look forward to leveraging Zoopla’s expertise to bring even more innovations to the Middle East’s real estate listings sector.

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