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What does a ‘home’ mean to you? 

We know moving living spaces is such an emotional experience. When you look for a home, you are seeking more than just a roof or a space to live in. We asked ourselves ‘what does a home mean to our consumers’ and the response was always associated with emotions. For some ‘home’ is a place where they find ‘joy’ around their family while others view it as a place of ‘peace’ and even ‘comfort’. We created our last campaign to invite everyone to take a proactive approach to find what transforms a space to ‘home’. 

Whatever the associated emotion, we believe that you can find a place to call ‘home’ on our platform.

Property Finder: Your Peace Finder

Peace is what we feel when we’re at our favorite corner at home daydreaming and enjoying a unique view out the window. A spacious home by the beach or endless open green areas is the best source of peace you’ll find. More than 69% of our consumers said that Peace is what makes a home for them.

Palm Jumeirah is among the most iconic of waterfront communities that will provide you the peaceful vibes you’re after. Its location in the heart of the Arabian Gulf means the peaceful blue waters are everywhere you look and a stunning view you’ll enjoy every single day.

Property Finder: Your Joy Finder 

Joyful moments fill a home when we celebrate special occasions together in the roof or garden, like our little ones’ birthdays. Our space is our comfort zone that brings a feeling of joy like no other. The survey revealed that 55% of our consumers look for joy when choosing a suitable home.

Your joy can be found in an amazing penthouse in Dubai where you can celebrate your special times. These glamorous types of properties offer you the space you need to enjoy your life at home the way you’ve always dreamed of.

Property Finder: Your Calm Finder 

Calm is that feeling we seek away from our busy lives and that which should always be felt in our homes. The quiet and calm is felt when we relax in a spacious living room with open plans; there’s nothing like it. Calm is what 47% of the consumers who took the survey said it’s what makes the house they live in be called a home.

A quiet villa in Dubai with your own back garden is exactly where your sense of calm flourishes. It’s where you can sit back and relax with only the sound of the rustling leaves as your backdrop; grab a good book and let your imagination run free in such an alluring setting at a home made just for you.

Property Finder: Your Trust Finder 

A home that you connect with has to inspire that safe feeling. The survey showed that the meaning of a home for 44% is simply Trust, which means it’s the one place where you feel totally yourself; it’s a place where there is no judgement.

We take your needs into consideration and provide you a search journey you can trust. There are verified listings catered to the exact needs that represent a home. We work with professional trustworthy brokers to make dream homes a reality.

One of our favourite secluded communities is Dubai Hills Estate, where you will find villas that speak to you and help you be exactly who you need to be. It’s an upscale golf community with one of the most popular addresses in Dubai, served by a backdrop of the iconic Burj Khalifa.

Property Finder: Your Fun Finder

Fun is the feeling you get playing around with your loved ones; you share many moments together in a comfortable space. The survey revealed that Fun is an essential part of what makes a home; 44% shared that Fun is what they are looking for when choosing the right property.

Many spacious apartments in Dubai provide you enough room to get creative and never forget to have fun. The type of home you’ve always wanted is available to help you create unforgettable fun moments you will always cherish.

We, as Your Home Finder, invite you to find out what transforms a house into a home for you. Check out our listings all over the UAE; we promise you there is a place for you to call home. 

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