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4.2 /5

Burj Al Salam

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Resident reviews

2.6 /5
I lived there for 29 months. Building is nice but the worst thing is the management. After leaving i have fixed all holes and painted the apartment but still they deducted from my security deposit for not painting the apartment. Although that i have sent them the pictures for the company who painted and even the paint buckets and process of painting to each room but still they deducted from security deposit. They have blocked the service lift when i was moving even after informing them a week in advance and they said we are doing maintenance. After calling and the management and complaining they opened the service lift. We used to have many fake fire alarm and we had to go down for fake alarm with the kids Also for 4 days we had issues with the building elevator and we struggled to to go up and down. Management there not supported and they dont answer the phone when you need them especially their managers Security and reception are polite but honestly my experience wasnt that good. Network for Du mobile is very bad connection Also after coronavirus all buildings opened their sauna and jacuzzi except burj al salam tower which they were last one to open them So you need to put on mind that your security deposit will be lost regardless what and how you will handover the apartment because they will still find excuses. We had also issues with walls and moisture coming out from walls but they have fixed it for us also AC wasn’t that strong in living room when we moved but they fixed it somehow after 2 weeks They gave us good offer to move but in the third year the rent was increased 32000 because they didnt give any free months like they did in first year and second year which is too much Thanks
5 /5
Modern design apartment
Staying in one bed flat in Burj al salam while I was working in Dubai. Great location easy access to anywhere. The apartment is modern, the teams from the building are very helpful
5 /5
Excellent Building
Always clean and up to standards. A few mins walking distance to the metro. The apartment is clean with a lot of storage space and beautiful view.
4.6 /5
Great spec apt
Great spec apt with a fully equipped kitchen. Quiet, top notch maintenance and quality fittings. Security is 5 star too. Easily the best building I've lived in Dubai and I've been here a long time
4.7 /5
Good location
Good location, modern, clean and well maintained. You got everything next by
5 /5
Superb quality
The apartments are superb quality and every convenience is available within close proximity. Security and maintenance is awesome.
3.7 /5
Quality apartment in great location
Good size apartment with quality fittings. Value for money, AC and gas included. Communal areas kept clean and the staff are very friendly. Great location near the metro and plenty of restaurants close by. Only negative is the parking. Definitely recommend.
4.7 /5
Amazing residential choice
My family and I moved to the building around a month ago. The renting process was very smooth, the team was very accommodating and supported us to make the move the easiest possible. The security team in the building is always attentive, and are proactive in proposing help if needed. They are super friendly with us and my son, always smiling and welcoming. The apartment has been very comfortable, quiet. COVID-19 procedures are enforced which make us feel safe. Pool and gym are always clean and organized. Lifeguard is very attentive when my son is swimming. A guy cleans machines at the gym after every tenant. The area around the building is lively and well connected. The coffee shop and the carrefour market as well as services available in the commercial building next to us; put everything you need at your hands. There are always taxis around. It is highly recommended, we are very happy we moved here.
5 /5
Best in Dubai
Burj al salam really is the best building in Dubai by far, the best maintained and best property management it feels like practically living in a hotel.
4.7 /5
Best building on SZR
I moved into Burj al Salam a couple of months back and couldn’t be happier with my apartment. All apartments are finished to a very high spec and mine was in pristine condition when I moved in. Management (particularly the agent Chris) are super helpful and maintenance is always completed quickly and to a good standard. The buildings gym and pool area (which is new) are great and well maintained - couldn’t recommend the building more highly!

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