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Finding the right shop for rent in Sharjah

Sharjah is an emirate with tremendous business opportunity that is only going to get better in the near future. As the local population grows with families, couples and young professionals seeking a more affordable, cultural lifestyle, so too does the demand for goods and services. With this in mind, the number of commercial properties for rent in Sharjah is growing and with it come a great many shops for rent.

Shops for rent in Sharjah are available across the emirate and found in abundance along the Dubai border where the population is at its greatest. There’s also many shops along the border with Ajman. Their purposes are all vast and varied ranging from furniture to wedding invitations to stationery, from food to clothes and car rental.

It’s important to make sure you have the proper permits in place and to ensure your trade license is valid. The Sharjah Municipality has divided the emirate into different zones which would determine the kind of shops that are allowed to operate in each zone. If you work with Shurooq (the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority) along with experienced business agents and of course real estate agents, you will ensure that when you choose to rent a shop in Sharjah, you are doing so in accordance with the law.

Since Sharjah is so family centric and has a strong focus on the arts and culture, any business that is able to target these areas will certainly do well.

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Renting a shop in Sharjah makes economic sense

Of course it comes down to the way you run your business but ultimately, due to the cheaper rents of shops in Sharjah compared with the rent of shops in other parts of the UAE, you already have a head start.

Naturally, the amount of rent paid per year for a shop in Sharjah depends on location and size of the premises. Be sure to take this into account when working on your business plan. Sizes vary greatly and can be as small 190sq ft for even the tiniest of operations. A common find for business owners is that landlords prefer to lease out their shops for more than a year at a time in the interests of attracting and retaining tenants. When you find the right shop for rent in Sharjah that you feel suits your needs, discuss tenancy terms with your landlord and come to an agreement on the duration of the contract, issues on maintenance works and anything else that may be of importance in your particular instance.

The Sharjah Rent Disputes Committee is available to hear any matters where landlords and tenants have concerns about their commercial agreement. This helps make renting a shop in Sharjah more pleasant knowing that the authorities are committed to resolutions and making the place an even more attractive place to find a shop for rent in Sharjah and set up business. Couple this with very affordable rents and tremendous economic potential, you can easily see why more and more businesspeople choose to rent a shop in Sharjah and to capitalise on its strong growth.

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