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All about the warehouses for rent in Sharjah

Sharjah is well known for being Dubai’s northern emirate cousin, a place where families feel welcome and for its vibrant arts and cultural events. What many don’t realise is that Sharjah is a dynamic commercial centre with a robust industrial heart.

Sharjah has long been known for affordable home rentals but it’s also a very cost effective place to rent commercial space and in particular warehouses. It certainly helps strengthen the bottom line when rental costs are more manageable. Sharjah is keen to boost its business credentials and makes for an attractive place to set up shop for the first time or to expand an existing business.

One can find a great warehouse for rent in Sharjah that suits a wide range of commercial purposes from logistics and storage, to a place of business and manufacturing. Warehouses for rent in Sharjah Industrial Area is where you’ll find all of the warehouses that Sharjah has to offer and they range vastly in size and design. Design wise, warehouses are hardly pretty and most warehouses for rent in Sharjah are plainly and similarly designed. Many warehouses are part of particular compounds where each warehouse may adopt a particular style but it’s not always the case.

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What makes renting a Warehouse in Sharjah so great?

Sharjah Industrial Area is split across many areas with some businesses tending to be grouped close together however this isn’t always the case. The Industrial Area is also home to Safeer Mall, the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sports Club and the Sharjah Football Stadium. It is also close to the University of Sharjah. Both Maliha and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Roads run through the area and they also cross paths in the eastern part of the district. Al Ittihad Road, near the Corniche and Majaz Waterfront is located to the east so it’s clear that the Sharjah Industrial Area is well located and warehouses in the area are easy to access from all corners. Interestingly, there’s also a school, International School of Choueifat and a cemetery in the area. The Sharjah Water Treatment Plant is also located in Sharjah Industrial Area 5 near King Abdul Aziz Street.

Sharjah has a Rents Disputes Committee that also covers commercial tenancies so for businesspeople who have a lot on their minds, this is a welcome relief, knowing that should any disputes arise, the authorities can step in for resolution. Tenancies will often be taken out on a yearly basis but often you’ll find a landlord happily agreeing to signing for 2 or more years depending on the situation. It is important to register your tenancy with the Sharjah Municipality as soon as the deal has been inked so that the government has an official record of your rental agreement - this is useful should any disputes arise.

When you rent a warehouse in Sharjah, you take out a lease on a great economic opportunity in a creative, dynamic and stable part of the UAE and indeed the world! If you're looking for something other than a warehouse, there's a heap of other different types of commercial properties for rent in Sharjah for you to check out.

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