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Changing suburb

Good location
Mussafah, earlier relegated as an industrial hub only housing warehouses, garages and labour camps, is slowly coming into its own as an established residential district. It hosts Abu Dhabi’s second largest mall, Dalma Mall, schools, clinics and several restaurants. Competitive residential rents are turning Mussafah into a budget haven, conveniently located between the mainland and outskirts of Abu Dhabi. The residential units are split across two areas: Shabiya and Mussafah Gardens. If you own a car, you are in luck since Mussafah features multiple vehicle service centres and automobile showrooms. The reputed Al Ain University of Science & Technology and Abu Dhabi University are also in close proximity of Mussafah, making it convenient for families. The industrial area in Mussafah also houses St Paul’s Catholic Church. Mussafah is also relatively close to Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Don’t miss: Watching a movie at Dalma Mall, seafood at Nourmandy Restaurant

Lifestyle: Suburban

Neighbours: Multi-ethnic, low to mid-income households