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Finding a flat to rent in Mussafah

Mussafah is an area on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi city that serves a mixed residential and industrial purpose. It has a very strong economic role in the UAE and is the site for the Abu Dhabi Industrial City initiative. 

So one might ask, if the area is all about commercial entities and has a port, where do the flats for rent in Mussafah come in? Workers in Mussafah have always needed a place to stay and in the earlier days, housing was not as readily available nearby which meant long commutes however since the area was developed further in the 1990s, it has seen the demand for affordable housing being met with apartment buildings sprouting up all over the place, almost entirely across the road from the main industrial part in what’s known as Mussafah Community where the E30 highway runs parallel.

Although the housing was initially geared towards single workers and young professionals, the area’s development and proximity to the fast growing Mohammed Bin Zayed City along with the removal of the Abu Dhabi rental cap has seen more families move into the area looking for more affordable rentals. In turn this is making Mussafah more family friendly as there’s many schools in the area which suits people who work in Mussafah. There is a lack of parks and green spaces in Mussafah however residents can easily hop onto the highways to get into Abu Dhabi city to enjoy great parks like Baniyas Public Park, Khalifa Park and also the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

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mussafah flats and buildings

When it comes to the flats for rent in Mussafah, one can find studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments aplenty with 3 bedroom apartments harder to come by. Rented out always as unfurnished, some will come with a fridge and stove/oven and a washing machine but often you’ll need to bring your own appliances. 

Mussafah has the Dalma Mall and Safeer Mall within its district to serve residents shopping needs from clothes to homewares to food and entertainment. Residents seeking something more tend to visit Yas Mall and Marina Mall Abu Dhabi.

Since Abu Dhabi has removed the rental cap, rents have been able to be increased by landlords as they see fit. However due to economic pressures, many landlords have realised that increasing rent freely is not in their best interests and Mussafah still remains a very affordable, albeit high demand area and place to live. It’s a good idea to keep good relations with the landlord so that negotiations on rental increases are more amicable.

Renting a flat in Mussafah is mostly an economic decision and if you’re after more family friendly options, you can consider looking at other apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi that will better suit your needs.