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In a development known for the ultimate extravagance, what could be more luxurious than living in the world's tallest residential tower? Princess Tower in Dubai Marina, has entered the Guinness World Records as the “Tallest Residential Building” not only in Dubai but the whole world of course. This prestigious Dubai Marina development stands towering over the stunning Dubai Marina skyline at 414 meters from base to tip. This is a marvelous addition to Dubai's flashy glamour, being home to the two superlatives; the world’s tallest building and the world’s tallest residential building.

Princess Tower is a 107 story tower which contains 6 Basements, Ground Floor, and 100 Floors. All in all, the tower comes to a total of 763 residential units of superb living space and views. The residential options start from Studio Apartments for Rent in Princess Tower, Dubai Marina and go on to one, two, and three bedroom apartments as well as exclusive penthouses and duplexes. The array of units covers every need and satisfies a variety of budgets as well that makes the development a unique piece of luxury that can be easily obtained.

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Studios are known to cost less in rent than bigger apartments, which makes them an ideal choice for singles and even couples. They optimize space in their interior design and offer a comfortable modern outline while being a great value for money. Also, a little more spacious would be the One bedroom apartments for rent in Princess Tower. When it comes to comfortable refined living in one of the wealthiest cities in the world, Princess Tower Apartments definitely rank on top.

These modern apartments are the epitome of contemporary apartment living in a word class development that includes everything there is for a sophisticated lifestyle. Princess Tower is lavishly embellished in an elegant style, articulate both in and out which reflects the region’s emerging architectural designs. 1 BHK apartments for rent in Princess Tower showcase such classy styles in their interiors. Like many of the tower's nearby counterparts, its beauty is broken up into several noticeable sections; with the main body dotted by a series of curved balconies inset in the center of each wall, while the corners of the building are lined with windows. The crown of the tower is the building’s most remarkable feature, as it steps back with two series of teeth around a vertically striped dome topped with a compact spire.

With such modernity, one might think Princess Tower Apartments wouldn’t be the most suitable place for families. On the contrary there are spacious three bedroom units for rent in Princess Tower fit for even big families, plus the combination of world-class luxury and safety performance. There are many services that entertain and keep resident comfortable such as Car Parking, High Speed Elevators, Playing Areas for Kids, indoor and Outdoor Games Swimming Pools, Gymnasiums, Retail Outlet, and 24 Hour Security. Its prime location puts residents in every apartment for rent in Princess Tower near a number of amenities including several malls, entertainment venues, and cultural attractions. Also for ease of movement, there is an adjacent tram that connects the tower to the rest of the expansive city.