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Bur Dubai is a historic district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with its name literally translated to "Mainland Dubai". It is considered to contain the oldest parts of the emirate and is home to many historic sites and several popular places for tourists including renovated old buildings and museums. The majestic city puts soul in history with its genuine heritage and deep rooted Arabic and Islamic culture; yet mixed with the modern allure of the metropolitan emirate, Dubai. It is also filled with many vintage and contemporary restaurants, art galleries, cafes, boutique hotels, and interesting shops.

Bur Dubai is a popular living area consisting of several apartment buildings and beautiful villas. The residential properties offer contemporary comfort and put you close to the emirate's major attractions. Bur Dubai is a wonderful place to live if you are seeking a colorful, cultural experience and generally a lovely area for a stroll being a tranquil residentially flourished area. It is close to the Creek area, with the museum and all the famous souqs; all of which make it a great getaway or tour to visit when you have guests. There are numerous art-house theatres and quaint places to hang out with pleasure.

Villa For Rent In Bur Dubai
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Houses for rent in Bur Dubai

Having the opportunity to live in a villa for rent in Bur Dubai is like being able to stay in a breathtaking holiday retreat. For many people obtaining a villa for rent in Bur Dubai, is close to a dream. If you have a family and are looking to live in a villa without bypassing affordability, this historic district of Dubai is your safest bet. The homely environment is guaranteed to provide safety for your children and give you peace of mind. Also, villas for rent in Bur Dubai come with helpful amenities and options for an accommodating stay. Villas in general are spacious and comforting for residents and can even be more commodious depending on the number of bedrooms suitable for the family members and how big you choose it to be.

Villas for rent in Bur Dubai come with various options and qualities from, gardens, front yards and back yards, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and indoor training areas (gyms), to extra parking space. There are villas for rent in Bur Dubai to suit all tastes and most budgets being fully glamorous or more modest in style. Also for those who commute or are always on the go, the area is known to have the best location. Being at the heart of Dubai, it provides easy and quick access to most areas of the emirate.

For Listings and house for rent in Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, make sure to search Propertyfinder's wide selection of villas and accommodations. This creek-facing locality known for its intimacy with Dubai’s cultural history is an exquisite place to live for singles, couples and families of all sizes.