All You Need to Know About Cityscape Dubai

The long-awaited and most significant real estate event is just around the corner! Cityscape Dubai is launching in a few days. This means endless unmissable opportunities are ahead whether you are a developer, broker, home seeker, or investor. 

This year Property Finder is participating as the Proptech partner for Cityscape 2022. To know more about this huge event, keep reading for a full and quick guide about Cityscape Dubai. 

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Cityscape is an international property investment and development event; and it’s one of the leading real estate events and exhibitions in the MENA region, giving developers and brokers the opportunity to show their latest projects and offers. 

This year Cityscape Dubai, which is an annually hosted event, is taking place with the support of Dubai Land Department. During the event, visitors will have great exposure to the best deals and property options, whether for buying a new home or investing in the field. 

Not just that, visitors will find the latest news and recent insights about the real estate market in the region, which is an unmissable chance for understanding the trends of the market. 

The event also hosts a number of different panels and talks, enabling visitors to meet and discuss various topics with the market’s top leaders and experts.

Cityscape History

Cityscape has been an ongoing event since 2002 across different countries, including the UAE. 

It has been taking place for more than two decades now, building great trust with its audience and gaining more and more popularity each year because of its inclusive agenda and up-to-date projects, insights, and sponsors. 

Cityscape 2021 Highlights 

The insights of Cityscape Dubai during its 21st edition last year were beyond expectations which is one more reason why you should attend it this year. 

Here are some of Cityscape Dubai’s 2021 numbers:

  • 18,000 unique visitors 
  • 200 media channels covered the event 
  • 1,500 delegates attended the summit 
  • More than $70 Million in sales achieved.
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Cityscape Dubai 2022 Event

You should plan your visit so check below the location, dates, and timings of Cityscape Dubai.

  • Location: Za’abeel Halls no. 5 & 6, Dubai World Trade Centre, Trande Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.
  • Dates: 21st – 23rd November 2022
  • Timings: 10 am – 7 pm 

Cityscape Dubai 2022 Key Points

This year, Cityscape Dubai will focus on distinct key points, making it a significant one to attend. These are some of its highlights with details. 

  • Green Developments Domination 

There is a great demand for sustainable communities as the UAE is directing toward more inclusive environments; accordingly, Cityscape features various eco-friendly projects like Danah Bay freehold beach community in Ras Al Khaimah. 

With such projects, they use the newest technologies and materials to provide sustainable homes that perfectly integrate with nature. In addition, economic sustainability is also important when talking about green developments; that’s why developers take it into consideration offering the residents cost-effectiveness, long-lasting buildings, and high quality. 

  •  An Inclusive Real Estate Platform 

Among the main highlights of Cityscape Dubai is connecting home seekers with their dream homes. This is through offering private home buyers, brokers, and corporate investors an inclusive and fruitful atmosphere to communicate. 

As they know how hard it is to find the ideal home, Cityscape Dubai will host consultants, leading developers, real estate brokers, financial experts, and home-buying advisors. This is aimed at offering home buyers all the resources they need to take such big decisions with zero concerns and find answers to their questions. 

  • Cityscape Talk Series 

The well-known Cityscape Talk series is back this year. There will be various talks by speakers from recognizable real estate companies, industry analysts, and government organizations. This is to ensure the brokers and developers get full insights and information as data is essential for them to help and guide their clients. 

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Cityscape Dubai Exhibitors

One of the top things that distinguish this event is its numerous number of exhibitors, allowing you to find endless property options that match your preference. Not just that, you are provided with all types of unit options not only in Dubai but also worldwide. 

Cityscape Dubai gives you global exposure through its international exhibitors in addition to the regional ones. This enables you to easily buy a property abroad during this outstanding event for residential or investing purposes.

There will be brokers and developers from the UAE in addition to all the following countries:

  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Germany 
  • Canada 
  • Pakistan
  • Turkey 
  • Georgia 
  • Greece 
  • Indonesia 
  • Croatia
  • United Kingdom
  • Iraq. 

Moreover, there is no better opportunity for complete visibility on the real estate market globally and the property options than at Cityscape. You can check below some of the top exhibitors during Cityscape Dubai 2022:


  • Sobha LLC
  • Azizi Developments LLC
  • Dubai Land Department 
  • Danube Properties Development LLC
  • Al Rasikhoon Real Estate


  • Berkeley London Residential Limited
  • Chestertons


  • Incredible Ideas PVT LTD 
  • Premier Choice International


  • Pera Property 
  • Istanbul Chamber Of Commerce


  • Maestro Group 
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Types of Real Estate at Cityscape Dubai

At such a recognizable event, there is a great focus not only on the residential units but also on the commercial and hospitality front. This is to ensure all needs and demands are addressed.

If you’re looking for a good retail unit to start your new business, it’s here at Cityscape Dubai exhibition. Here are the types of properties you can find during the event:

  • Retail 
  • Commercial 
  • Residential 
  • Hospitality 
  • Industrial.

Who Should Attend Cityscape 

The good news is that anyone can attend Cityscape Dubai; it isn’t just for developers, brokers, or investors.

So whether you want to upgrade your residency, find unmissable deals, search for office space, or invest in the real estate market, this event is your ultimate chance. 

In addition, for those working in the market and want to broaden their vision and connections, Cityscape Dubai is a perfect hub for catching up with people with different perspectives. 

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Advantages of Visiting Cityscape Dubai

Visiting Cityscape is a decision you will not regret for many reasons as mentioned below:

  • Finding numerous home options
  • Investing in off-plan properties 
  • Knowing about the latest developments across UAE and worldwide
  • Enjoying exclusive deals and payment options
  • Exploring more about the market’s insights and status 
  • Getting exposure to sales for brokers
  • Finding buy-to-let opportunities, which is a good way to invest your money and increase your income.


To attend this big event, you should register first through their official website. Registration is totally free of charge.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or questions regarding the event, you can contact them directly through their hotline or email:

To sum up, Cityscape Dubai is an annual real estate event where endless chances and opportunities for investment and buying are available. Furthermore, even if you’re not willing to buy or invest, it’s a good chance to have an overlook on the real estate market regionally and globally. 

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