Global market hits home in Dubai

This article was originally published in Propertyfinder Trends 2017, Vol 3

The Dubai real estate is witnessing a positive, healthy upward trend of mature end-users dominating the property market.

The majority of these end-users are first-time buyers. Although there has been a drop in average rentals, I have seen a forecast for the supply of about 11,200 units by the end of this year. Given that population growth is predicted to be 3.5% year over year, the supply should be absorbed well, and we might even see a slight, reasonable appreciation in the ready property market.

Many investors now see Dubai property as a better value investment proposition in comparison to other markets. Dubai Land Department statistics are a clear reflection of investors’ confidence, as we see a good increase in the number of transactions. Developers are also taking up responsibility, offering attractive payment terms that in some cases stretch beyond handover, which helps bridge the funding gap for middle-income earners, in addition to attractive gross rental yields.

More and more, middle- income earners are able to buy a home and save themselves from any future rent-related inflation.

The market shift from luxury-focused to catering to the more affordable segment is a healthy show of a maturing market. More and more, middle-income earners are able to buy a home and save themselves from any future rent-related inflation.

Investors’ confidence and trust level is probably the highest it has ever been as well, as the government has been very vigilant in framing new, robust regulations and continuously improving investor protection laws. Major investments in 2017 have been done by GCC, Brits and Indian sub-continent. The majority of these investors are on the lookout for units that are in developed areas, or in up and coming communities which are performing very well due to active involvement of government policymakers to protect and safeguard investors.

The economic uncertainty around the globe has also impacted the Dubai market. The rapid strengthening of the US dollar, Indian Currency demonetisation, and the uncertainty over Brexit has added to the mix of things to consider when making an investment.

Since Dubai is connected to the global economy, we will always feel the ripples of any global economic event. However, due to strong macroeconomic fundamentals, the Dubai economy will remain strong, as real estate is no longer a primary driver of the economy behind oil. We are witnessing healthy growth in trade, tourism, healthcare, retail, logistics, manufacturing, and connectivity. These sectors will always create new jobs and new demand will absorb the supply in the long-run. There are many reasons for optimism.

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Umar Bin Farooq

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