Meet our Dubai Outstanding Agent for March 2017: Sunny Adhiya from Arab Vision

This month we are delighted to award Sunny Adhiya, a Senior Property Consultant at Arab Vision, the propertyfinder Awesome Agent award.

Sunny is a professional and dedicated agent always going the extra mile, asking the right questions and pushing to improve his listings on propertyfinder. I’m glad to see that our portal has brought him this Award and that we’re part of his amazing career growth. Congratulations Sunny!

Marcelo Foitinho, propertyfinder Account Manager

Sidra Villas, Dubai Hills Estate – view similar villas from Arab Estates

Q&A with Sunny Adhiya

Sunny’s achievements include:

  • Sealing the deal with an investor who purchased nine off-plan properties worth a staggering AED 18.5 million in under one day
  • Completing another deal with the same investor, who purchased completed units in Marina, worth a hefty AED 2 million
  • Locking in three independent Sidra Villas worth a whopping AED 11.5 million
  • Agreeing a deal for a villa in Dubai Hills worth an impressive AED 11 million

All leads were received through in a span of only two weeks.

Congratulations. What do you think contributed to your success for these particular deals?

I make it a point to answer the client’s call at any point of the day or night. It is important that the client feels important because it creates buyer confidence to invest through a trustworthy realtor. I also set meetings and plan my week well in advance and make sure I’m always on time for meetings.

I also give 100 % transparency and always set up buyer and seller meetings to break the ice before winning a contract.

Awesome! What one thing do you do as a broker that differentiates you from others?

I’m well versed with the technicalities of every developer and know the ins and outs of the ever-evolving market. I like to set the pros and cons of the property before meeting the buyer so they know I’m working hard to bring in a lucrative investment for them. I also help the client with financial planning for the outflow of the payments in case of an off-plan property, which helps the buyer make better-informed property decisions.

You can call me a “one stop shop” as I assist clients throughout all stages, from mortgage decisions right up to the transfer date!

Sounds like you’ve got it all planned out! Tell us, as an experienced agent, what advice would you give to a broker who is new to the UAE property market?

The UAE real estate market and the Land Department is evolving and getting bigger and better every day.

You need to have up-to-date information on any new law, rules and regulations that are being injected. This lets agents portray a positive image of themselves because they’re are able to answer any question, big or small. It’s in the best interests of the broker, as it results in a smoother and faster transaction. You must follow the CET  rules of real estate – Commitment, Ethic and Transparency to succeed.


Fab! Tell us how we can better our services to remain your preferred digital marketing partner?
Arab Vision has grown leaps and bounds with winning multiple awards from grade-A developers. propertyfinder is an integral part of Arab Vision and myself as a broker in this journey. Your portal has been an important mechanism to reach out to potential clients across the globe and help them with their dream homes and investments. We look forward to working with propertyfinder and are confident we’ll achieve new heights in the near future with propertyfinder by our side.

We’re really glad to hear that, Sunny! One last question. Finish the sentence “I love Dubai for…”
“I love Dubai for being the land of opportunities and helping connect with 80 different nationalities.  Thanks to the exemplary vision of its leaders there is a quality of life and security provided to the residents that is unmatchable anywhere else.


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