May Joint Winners of Outstanding Agent: Fabio Saltini and Fabricio Saltini from For Est Real Estate

This month we are pleased to be awarding a joint entry from two brothers at For Est Real Estate, Fabricio Saltini and Fabio Saltini.


Fabio and Fabricio jointly closed a deal in May that was a sale of an entire, brand new vacant residential building in Jumeirah Village Triangle for over AED 110 million.

Whilst Fabio was representing two sellers, Fabricio was representing the GCC buyer. The deal took eight months from the viewing to transfer date, and several challenges were faced but tackled by For Est Team and transfer was finally completed in May.

What were the main challenges?
The buyer wanted an income generating asset whilst the building sold wasn’t 100% completed or leased, so the entire transaction took months. The price the seller wanted to sell the property for was another big challenge, but thanks to negotiations and the fact that the buyer was a serious one, the offer was eventually accepted.

Fabio didn’t rest much in May as he additionally closed impressive deals despite being under pressure from the main deal. His other achievements and reasons for being awarded the Awesome Agent title include:

– 2 Bedroom Apartment in Zaya Hameni in JVC for nearly AED 1,6 million
– 2 units of 1 Br in Zaya Hameni in JVC for approx. AED 0.86 million
– 1 Bedroom in Tower 108 by Damac in JVC for approx. AED 0.87 million
– 1 Bedroom in Al Cove Tower in JVC for approx. AED 0.82 million
– 1 Bedroom in Al Manara Tower in JVC for approx. AED 0.8 million
– A single investor bought another 2 x 1 bedroom in Tower 108 in JVC and 2 studios in Park Inn in JVT total over AED 3.6 million

Q & A with Fabio and Fabricio:

Congratulations! What do you think contributed to your success in this particular deal?

Fabio: Partnership. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Fabricio: Patience, persistence and teamwork.


What one thing do you do as a broker, to differentiate yourself from others?

Fabio: I respect my clients and I always have their best interest at heart. I aim to build a trusting relationship with them, making financial gains is a plus.

Fabricio: Once again teamwork, consistent follow-ups and transparency.


As an experienced agent, what advice would you give to a broker who is new in the UAE property market?

Fabio: There are no shortcuts, do it properly, even if it takes longer. Be humble, friendly and organised. And most importantly, listen, listen, listen…

Fabricio: Work hard, put the hours needed to learn the process, network, and always be honest! And remember, the market is big enough for everybody, focus on the quality of listings over quantity every single time.


Tell us how we can better our services to remain your preferred digital marketing partner?

Fabio & Fabricio: As an Online Marketing partner, we must say the quality of leads from propertyfinder has never been better, so keep up the good work!


Finish this open-ended sentence “I love Dubai for…”

Fabricio: The opportunities it gives and its openness to different cultures. If you work hard, you will get where you want to be. I’m also grateful to have a family here, my wife and my son.

Fabio: I love Dubai for many reasons. First I met my wife here, she is everything to me and it would probably never happen in my country because of the distance so thanks, Dubai! I also love Dubai because of its multicultural, constantly evolving scene.

When asked how it feels working with his brother every day, Fabricio answered: “Besides sharing DNA, Fabio and I also share same principles and ethics, of course, it’s fun to work with your twin brother but at the end, we both are very professional and inside the company it is “business as usual”, just two professionals doing the best to write business!”

Myles Rothwell, Sales Manager at propertyfinder, added: “Fabricio & Fabio jointly winning ‘Agent of the Month’ was inevitable for these two hardworking professionals and very well deserved. I have really enjoyed working with the team at For Est over the last few years to grow not only their online exposure but also the trust and cooperation between both our companies. Congratulations to both of you.”


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