Meet our Abu Dhabi Outstanding Agent for March Ahmed Murad from Ruayat Real Estate

Within one month, Ahmed Murad of Ruayat Real Estate sold a mix of apartments and villas with a total value of over AED 12 million.

Professional, passionate and client oriented, this in brief is how I describe Ahmed Murad.

Mahmoud El Arnaout, Account Manager-Abu Dhabi


My customers are very smart and business-savvy; this always makes me bring my A-game

Ahmed Murad, Property Consultant, Ruayat Real Estate


Q&A with Ahmed

Having grown up in the UAE, Ahmed has armed himself with market knowledge and a will to succeed. Starting off his career in Sales and Marketing he has progressed into real estate selling high end properties. Ahmed doesn’t focus on his current or past achievements, he stays focused on the wins to come, and personal goals, such as someday walking The Great Wall of China.

What do you think contributed to your success on this deal?

I believe success is something that you create. I build trust with my clients and I study their interests and lifestyle. This enhances  your chance as a broker to make the deal happen.

What is one thing you do as a broker that differentiates you from other brokers?

I don’t offer a home for sale, I present a lifestyle for our clients and for their future generations. Going that extra mile and being proactive is the key to being unique.

What do you think makes a good agent in the UAE market?

The UAE is a unique place, there are a lot of options. In order to succeed you need to stand out. The key to this: communication skills, passion, and knowledge. A great tip is to walk shoulder to shoulder with the developers.

How has Propertyfinder helped your company win in the digital marketing space?

Propertyfinder is a great platform, it allows you to reach clients internationally and within the UAE. Propertyfinder is a great tool for brokers and remarkable for our clients.

I have worked with high value properties which have been a challenge to lease and sell, but with Propertyfinder generating such a large number of leads, I managed to lease and sell these properties, this in turn made millions for the sellers and won confidence from our clients.

Finish this open-ended sentence “I love Abu Dhabi because…”

It is gorgeous and that’s the thing that surprises most visitors and investors. There’s a soaring skyline of shiny towers that reflect the shimmering sea.


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