Home Rental in Dubai: All Documents Needed to Lease a Property

Home rental in Dubai is the most common residency option; consequently, if you’re planning to rent a unit in this awesome emirate, the first thing after finding a suitable property is to prepare the needed documents. 

No need to do research as this article includes all the information regarding the required papers and process for leasing a property in Dubai in detail; just scroll down!

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1. What Are the Essential Documents Needed to Rent a Property in Dubai?

There are a number of essential documents you need to prepare when deciding to rent a property in Dubai, whether it’s an apartment, villa, or any other unit type. 

Besides you should also make sure that all the required documents are updated and valid. Find below the papers you need for home rental in Dubai. 

  • A copy of your passport
  • Copy of your residency visa
  • A copy of your Emirates ID
  • A cheque with a refundable security deposit amounting to 5% of the total annual rent (to secure the property)

2. What Are the Needed Papers to Document Your Tenancy Contract in Dubai?

The process of documenting your tenancy agreement is to make it officially authenticated and binding to both parties: tenant and landlord. To achieve this, you have to submit some papers and official documents to the Department of Land and Property in Dubai (DLD). 

Have a look below at the required papers to document your contract: 

  • Passport copy
  • Residence visa copy
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Proof of paying the security deposit

Moreover, DLD ensures you a simple and easy process to document your tenancy contract. Consequently, you should abide by their rules and regulations; this is through submitting all the necessary documents. 

3. What Is the Required Information to Finalize Your Home Rental Contract in Dubai?

There is required information that must be included in your tenancy contract while renting in Dubai. This step is after settling on the property you want and preparing all the documents required for leasing the property. 

Here is the information that should be found inside your contract:

  • The Landlord’s name and contact details
  • Maintenance responsibility 
  • Tenant’s name and contact details
  • Security Deposit amount 
  • Information about the property: size, building name, and location
  • DEWA premise number
  • Services and cooling fees
  • Payment method 
  • The contract’s period
  • Terms and conditions
  • Evacuation rules
  • The annual rent amount
  • Signing date of the contract
  • Any rules the tenant should stick to

Upon Signing the Contract 

  • Agency fee payment (typically 5% of the rental amount) 
  • Post-dated cheques for rental payments

An important note: don’t forget to take the receipt of the amount you paid to the agency in addition to rental cheques.

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4. How Can You Register for Ejari Dubai?

As a tenant, you can easily register your contract through Ejari; if you’re not familiar with Ejari, it’s an online platform for contract registration. It’s managed by DLD in order to authorise rental contracts and agreements between landlords and tenants. 

To register for Ejari, you should prepare the following documents and submit them either online or through any of the typing centers managed by Ejari. 

  • The original copy of the contract (signed by both parties)
  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Proof of paying the security deposit and cheques
  • Copy of the landlord and tenant’s passports
  • A copy of the landlord’s ownership of the unit 
  • Copy of the residency visa
  • The unit’s number (9-digits), which is registered for DEWA.

In case the unit’s owner is living outside the UAE, the authorized person by their side can sign the contract; they should submit an official document that proves so and a copy of their passport. 

5. How Can You Get DEWA Services in Dubai?

You can get DEWA services in Dubai without any hassle, as they send you an SMS and email after registering for Ejari. This owes to the integration between Ejari and DEWA.

After receiving this information, you should follow the following steps to start enjoying this service:

  • Download DEWA’s app and then follow the instructions regarding requesting the operation of DEWA’s service
  • Enter Ejari’s contract number, then upload a copy of your Emirates ID and passport 
  • Pay the security fee, which is refundable 
  • Finally, pay the operation fee for DEWA (non-refundable)

Afterward, the service will be in effect. Also, DEWA is the only official entity that offers water and electricity services in Dubai to ensure the residents a unified system.

Moreover, the previous tenant might haven’t paid their bills; in this case, the service won’t operate unless you pay the dues. Consequently, before signing the contract, you should align with the landlord to make sure that all the bills are paid. 

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6. What Are the Needed Documents to Move to a New Property in Dubai? 

In order to move to a new property in a different community, you should submit a moving permit before relocation.

Besides, you should always talk to your agent or the landlord before moving to ask them if the new area you’re moving to needs such a permit. 

Here are the needed documents that you should submit in order to get this permit:

  • A copy of the documented rental contract 
  • Copy of the passport
  • A copy of the latest receipt of paying the unit’s services fee
  • Copy of the Emirates ID
  • Title of Deed.

The next step is reviewing the service fee; it’s an essential one to get this moving permit, as your request might be declined in case there are dues. 

In addition, you should pay a fee to use the service elevator; also, the building’s management might ask you to pay a damage insurance fee, which is refundable. 

Whether you’re planning to rent a villa in Dubai or an apartment, the above documents apply to all unit types. 

7. Do I Need an Emirates ID to Rent in Dubai?

Yes, you need an Emirates ID to rent any real estate in Dubai. 

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Before you finalise and sign your tenancy contract, you need to agree on the frequency of rental repayments, commonly referred to as a number of cheques. Most landlords will accept two to four cheques. 

Typically, fewer cheques come with the bargaining power of negotiating lower rent. 

One cheque

In more popular or upscale communities, such as Downtown Dubai, landlords can insist on one or two cheques.

Multiple cheques

More commonly, it is the trend for landlords to accept multiple cheques.

Do I need an Emirates ID to rent in Dubai?

1. What Are the Points to Consider Before Submitting the Cheques? 

  • Ask your landlord for a copy of their passport and Title Deed before handing over the cheques.
  • Always write your cheques to the landlord, per the Title Deed
  • Request the property management agreement in place between the landlord and the agency (if applicable)
  • Review the trade licence of the real estate or property management company to ensure they are licensed for “Leasing and Management of Other People’s Property.” 
  • You should not make cheques payable to a company that is licensed for “Supervision Services,” as they are not permitted to accept payments on behalf of owners.
  • Verify the real estate agent’s registration number and licence on the Dubai Land Department’s website.

2. How Can You Write a Cheque?

To ensure perfect completion of cheques, make sure you use your best handwriting, as this is the first reason for cheques being rejected; you can follow the simple tips below.

1. Date

The date format is MONTH/DATE/YEAR.

This can be written as either 09/21/2023 or September 21, 2023.

2. Payee First

You should write the name of the person or company to whom you are making payment. Besides, it’s good to double-check if spelling and information are correctly stated.

3. Amount in Numbers

In the small box on the right, clearly write the amount in numerical format. For example, AED 20,000.

4. Amount in Words

Express the amount written in step 3 in words. For example, twenty thousand.

5. Signature

The most important step in writing a cheque is signing at the bottom right-hand corner. It confirms your agreement to pay the stated amount to the payee. 

You must ensure your signature matches the signature provided to the bank when you first opened your account. If these signatures do not match, many banks will reject the cheque.

This guide walked you through an important part of the rental process of properties in Dubai. All you need is just to find a suitable unit for rent to enjoy a matchless living experience in this awesome emirate. 

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