Meet our Abu Dhabi Outstanding Agent for August 2017: Monica Garcia from Blissimi Real Estate

In August Monica Garcia secured ten deals worth more than AED 20,000,000 within the off-plan market, and is on track to for a further AED 10,000,000 in sales before the end of September for Blissimi Real Estate.


“Monica has been in the off-plan market for just over a year and re-joined Blissimi in March this year. Her work ethic is unbelievable and she will happily sit with developers until midnight to ensure the deal is closed.”

Joshua Holt, Managing Director of Blissimi Real Estate


The Propertyfinder Team handing the Award to Monica Garcia


Q&A with Monica Garcia

A native of  Havana, Cuba, Monica has called Dubai home since 2015. No stranger to the expat life, she has also lived in Mainland China and Chile, South America. An adventurous soul,  Monica’s most recent triumph is manta diving in the Komodo Islands. Next up? trips to Bhutan and Machu Pichu. She brings that global perspective to her career as an agent, and uses her vast travel experience to make connections and build relationships.

What do you think contributed to your success on this deal?

I believe it is teamwork. I can break this down into 3 pillars; the first is the company, I have great support at Blissimi Real Estate and also the trust of Joshua (Managing Director) and Mr. Oliver Holt (Chairman). They believed in me and my vision for off-plan. We have accomplished a lot and together we will achieve so much more.

The second is my colleagues, particularly the marketing team and my website developer, I am often out of the office and their support is invaluable. We’ve developed a strong relationship and have learned to work together as a team, so now by just sending a Whatsapp they can get everything up and moving.

Thirdly, the developers I work with and their agents. I have one agent who I liaise with from within each developer. We have worked so closely over the years we have also become friends.

They have all contributed and allowed me to win The OutstandingAgent Award.

What is one thing you do as a broker that differentiates you from other brokers?

I approach my work with a service vision, not with a target vision. The sale is the end of a process, if it happens. By building a business relationship with my clients, I understand their needs and provide a quality and unique service. A large part of my business is from referrals, this is how I position myself in the market. I strive for quality, not quantity.

What do you think makes a good agent in the UAE market?

Dubai’s Real Estate market is constantly changing so consistency is one of the hardest things to maintain. You can see trends forming and then they disappear, because of this some developers may not always have stock available, so sales will fluctuate. It’s about anticipating these rises and falls and being prepared to approach new developers and create consistency again – being consistent always pays back.

How has Propertyfinder helped your company win in the digital marketing space?

Everyone in Dubai knows Propertyfinder, this is due to the exposure of Propertyfinder. Your advertising campaigns are widely spread and this even reaches overseas. Your support and the fact that you provide us with a dedicated Account Manager, translates into success for us. The Find Agent feature, in particular, is helpful, it gives clients the choice to select their agent, research them and their brokerages and make an informed decision. I think it is very important to give the client this freedom of choice.

Finish this open-ended sentence “I love Dubai because…”

Dubai loves me back 😉

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