The Outstanding Agent Award goes to… Slava Shidlovskiy from Dacha Real Estate in Dubai — November 2019

Slava Shidlovskiy is an agent with good knowledgeable about real estate markets and ethical practices. This helps him provide the best service to his clients. He attributes his success to his close ties with appraisers, escrow companies, developers and holding companies. Read his interview below.

Congratulations! Tell our audience about your latest achievement, which is why you won this month’s Outstanding Agent Award for Dubai.

Having been in the real estate industry for three years, I have learnt that consistency is key. For my latest achievement, I have hit my personal best this month with a total sales value of over AED 10 million and yet I believe it is not just the numbers that make me stand out, it is also the high level of service that I provide to my clients. Sure, you can get lucky with a deal and hit a high commission value, but you can never get lucky with providing a professional experience to your client.

I believe I have won this month’s Outstanding Agent Award by retaining a positive attitude, always being available and being transparent. These are a few of the factors that provide me with consistent referral business that continues to grow day by day. As we are in a service-based business, it is always good to get client feedback. With over two dozen Google reviews, I have not received a single review of less than five stars and that only comes with hard, dedicated work.

Tell our audience THREE things that set you apart from other agents and why they should give YOU a call when looking for a property in Dubai?

  • As an area specialist, I will have the answer to any question related to property sale or purchase within communities I focus on. It is very important for a buyer to work with someone that knows the area inside out as that will ease the process. My level of expertise and know how will ensure a smooth transaction every time.
  • Based on my client’s feedback, I am the most professional agent they have ever worked with. I always provide a high level of service. Whether it is late evening or weekend viewings, I am flexible with my availability and I prioritise my client’s needs above my own.
  • Dedication, commitment and support are some of the aspects I abide by. My persistence to being one of the best sets me aside from my peers and this is something that is always valued when dealing with a real estate broker.

What is the ONE piece of advice you’d give to agents who are new in the market or are struggling to close deals?

Persevere. Be a true area specialist and never be negative in your line of business. Always be on time, dress well, be confident and ensure that you will be the best example of a real estate agent that all your clients will speak about. A single positive experience can lead to ten deals in the future and that number can only multiply. Educate yourself about your area of specialty, continue to advise your clients and assist even after the transaction is done. A tenant can become a buyer and a buyer can become a seller, it is a cycle and maintaining relationships goes a long way in this business.

How long have you been listing with Property Finder? What are the THREE key benefits you see from being Property Finder’s client? As an agent, how do you use them to your advantage?

I have been using Property Finder since day one at Dacha Real Estate. It is the leading property platform in the country and I always advise my clients to use it.

Firstly, I really enjoy the Lead Tracker app. It assists me in seeing all my listings in one place, gives me an opportunity to sort leads and provides me with the in-depth information on pricing in my areas as well as generates clean marketing reports. This level of organisation supports me in working more efficiently.

Secondly, I love the ‘Community Expert’ feature. I have been using it since its launch and have seen a number of increased leads and listings, thus justifying its use.

Lastly, it is user-friendly and provides a unique overall experience. It is very easy to sort and find the right property on the browser or via the app. The quality of leads as a result is very high and continues to drive my business forward.

What does winning the Outstanding Agent Award mean to you, and why would you recommend others to enter the contest?

Winning the Outstanding Agent Award is a privilege. It means a great deal to me and it is the pinnacle of recognition for my work. Since only a handful of agents win this award every year, I am extremely happy and grateful to be one of them. This is also an important milestone for the company since we all work together very closely and I only wish the same for my colleagues. I would recommend any agent who feels they deserve recognition for their achievements to enter and strive for further success in their career.

Marcelo Foitinho, Sales Manager at Property Finder with Slava Shidlovskiy from Dacha Real Estate

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