Property Finder Takes over SBEA Awards with 3 Key Prizes

Property Finder won three awards at SBEA Awards 2022 in two categories. The first one is the PropertyTech Company of the Year, and the other two were given to Property Finder again and its subsidiary Home Value in the second category, the Partnership Award – Proptech.

What Is SBEA? 

SBEA is the Smart Built Environment Awards; they honour excellence in the administration of communities and buildings through a leading regional event, which was first launched in 2021.

SBEA offers awards in four main fields: Facilities Management, Community Management, PropTech, and Property Management. The winners are chosen with complete authenticity and with deep evaluation by its 12-member jury who are experts in the four fields. 

As Property Finder is known for its talent, excellence, and competitiveness, the team is proud of the awards, and here are some more information about them.

1. PropertyTech Company of the Year

The first award, proudly won by Property Finder, is the PropertyTech Company of the Year. This owes to the endless efforts and success in implementing innovative solutions that empowered the real estate sector transformation. 

Another reason for Property Finder winning this prize is that we offered a service that strongly enhanced the experience of our valued customers and went an extra mile to meet their expectations. 

Customer satisfaction is the company’s main goal, so we’re always working on boosting the home finding experience to make it more effortless and 100% tailored to their preferences. 

In addition, to bring such a seamless experience to reality, Property Finder adopted new technologies with the aid of AI to offer 100% transparency and accuracy.

2. Partnership Award – Proptech

The second prize is the Partnership Award – Proptech, which Property Finder proudly won for successfully implementing a PropTech product within the business and a digital transformation plan too. 

We’re happy to say that this owes to the fruitful partnership with Home Value, which is a B2B PropertyTech company. They use big data and AI to provide real estate solutions. 

Through this partnership both companies worked together to provide a trusted and authorised source of information, Data Finder. For all customers, whether home seekers, investors, or even brokers, Data Finder is the ultimate gateway for endless updated information about the real estate market.  

This pioneer platform empowers customers to understand the market prices, get latest reports like Moasher, gauge the market demands, and have access to many other useful insights and information.

Finally, we are glad to say that Home Value has also won the Partnership Award – Proptech, as great minds win alike.  

Property Finder wins SBEA Awards

Property Finder Milestones 

Property Finder is one of the leading real estate companies not only in the UAE but also in the MENA region and Turkey.

Through its innovative services and platforms, it empowered millions of customers to find their homes and build lifetime memories and moments. Finding the right home is a decision that needs guidance, which the platform offers seamlessly to make sure customers have a smooth journey both during and after finding the right property.

To know more about Property Finder milestones and successful stories, check the below list of our top achievements during the last year:

  • Launching SuperAgent 
  • Your Home Finder Campaign 
  • Data Finder
  • Contacting through Whatsapp feature 
  • Renovation of Property Finder’s IOS app.
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