PROS&CONS: Do you really need that much space?

With a noticeable drop in rents in Dubai since 2015, many residents are looking to move homes. Most are looking into something “more spacious” or “something with more light”. While it’s everyone’s right to enjoy enough space for both them and their belongings, residents should not be falsely tempted into spending more money on space they don’t necessarily need. examines the average person’s needs in terms of apartment size in Dubai.

Small apartment

If you’re living alone or with a partner, a small apartment of 600sqft to 900sqft should be more than enough. A studio or a 1-bedroom apartment will make you feel very comfortable without breaking your budget.


  • Cheaper rent
  • Easier to clean
  • Cheaper to furnish
  • Way less steps to the coffee maker in the morning


  • Inability to host parties
  • If one area is messy, the whole place looks messy
  • Less privacy

View studio and 1-bedroom apartments in Dubai starting from 29,000AED


Large apartment

If you have a family or a pet, or both, you should probably consider renting a bigger apartment. Note that you should calculate your expenses beforehand and consider whether you can afford to move to a bigger space.


  • Spacious
  • Offers a chance to have people over
  • Easier to decorate according to your taste


  • More expensive rent
  • Harder to find
  • More hectic to clean

View 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai starting from 45,000AED


Ultimately, the choice between an apartment or home comes down to personal preference, so make sure the next property you live in allows for the same type of lifestyle.

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