The Top 9 Hot Spots to Get Your Caffeine Fix in Dubai

For those that live life in a series of coffee breaks, Prestige curates the top spots for your daily elixir…

In Dubai’s fast-paced lifestyle, the coffee break holds a special place in people’s hearts. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with friends or colleagues, a good cup of coffee is everyone’s time to pause.

Deeply ingrained in Middle Eastern traditions, this beverage has been a morning ritual since its discovery. Nowadays, coffee shops offer much more than simply a cup of coffee, they are experiences of their own worth discovering.

Caught in busy schedules, we tend to forget the happiness which comes from life’s simple pleasures – starting with our coffee moments.

We have rounded up nine top hot spots to get your caffeine fix in Dubai and discover different ways to savour your daily brew. From the traditional coffee house to the latest trendy café, many hidden gems are waiting for you!


Jumeirah 2

Perfect place to work or meet up

Want to feel like you are in your dream house for a few hours? Stop by this stunning converted villa. Characterised by its sleek marble interiors, the concept is minimalist from the interior design to the menu.

Alchemy favours quality over quantity. The homegrown Emirati coffee is based around the experience of “Fika” – the Swedish word for coffee with a sweet treat. The coffee menu is beautifully displayed on the wall and jars of brownies and cookies sit atop the unique marble counter. Simplicity.

Whether you want to enjoy the fresh air by the pool or sit in the bright interiors, Alchemy is the perfect place to work or meet with friends in a serene atmosphere.

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Al Bastakiya

A hidden gem in old Dubai

Dive into Arabian history and charm and embark on an excursion to old Dubai to discover the hidden gem that is Arabian Tea House.

Live the coffee experience in a traditional way; hidden in the secret garden of an old house in Al Bastakiya, this cafe offers delicious authentic Arabic cuisine and the best Turkish coffee.

Fancy experimenting with something different? Opt for the complete ritual and try their enchanting homemade Karak tea.

Located just next to the Dubai Coffee Museum – the city’s best place to learn more about the heritage of coffee in the region – you can continue the journey and wander into the small stone walkways around the café, where you’ll discover hidden art galleries, impressive street art and a tiny historical museum.

Don’t miss: Homemade Karak tea


City Walk, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Mirdiff City Centre, The Pointe

Brewed in Japan

Straight from Kyoto to Dubai, % ARABICA is not your typical coffee chain.

With several branches in Dubai, you are spoilt for choice with locations to drop by and recharge. Grab your cup to go, or enjoy the family-friendly, lively atmosphere and Japanese minimalistic design of the stores.

% ARABICA’s signature blend is a must-try, but if you feel like experimenting and switching up your blend of choice, try the Matcha Latte – paired with a slice of banana bread, you’ll leave 100 percent satisfied.

Don’t miss: Signature blend or Matcha Latte


The Greens

Cosy lil cafe

The taste of the coffee and the fun ambience of this cafe will immediately spark your spirits. Arrows and Sparrows is the perfect place to meet up with friends and chat over quality coffee and fresh food.

Boasting endless options for vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike, the menu has something for everyone, so come as you are! The energy emanating from this cafe will have you feeling so dynamic you won’t know whether it’s the vibe or the freshly roasted coffee.

One thing is for sure, Arrows and Sparrows has the formula to have you boosted all day long – delicious coffee and nutrition-loaded dishes.

Don’t miss: Fresh food and colourful dishes


Al Quoz

Good vibes and artsy details

In the heart of Al Quoz, Dubai’s art hub, you’ll never guess what’s hiding behind Boston Lane’s little door. This secret café at the back of a lush courtyard is all about good vibes and artsy details.

Stay fuelled with an all-day breakfast and step outside your comfort zone, if you dare, and try an organic vegan latte – beetroot, turmeric or charcoal. To complement your coffee fix, grab one of their famous toasties and a bunch of flowers for the home or office. With all kinds of concept stores within this café, you are sure to find unique little treasures.

Last but not least, it’s also the ideal environment to work from… this beautiful setting will have you lose track of time.

Don’t miss: Organic vegan latte


City Walk

Insta-worthy cafe

Jolie Café is one of a kind. It is not only ‘pretty’, as translated by the French name, it is also a haven for flower-lovers with the smell of fresh florals in the air. Look up and you’ll also discover this boutique café is surrounded by lush floral ceilings and vintage decorations.

The cup of coffee served alongside a fresh rose feels more precious than ever, and this lovely romantic touch also makes it the most insta-worthy in town. Speaking of romance, the heart-warming rose-cardamom chai latte signature drink is a must-try.

Whilst famous for its specialised coffee and divine afternoon tea, the fancy food menu is also worth discovering. From all-day breakfast to dinner, you’ll find dishes with a twist that will tease your curiosity, including lobster crepes and scrambled truffle eggs. But, be sure to save room for the macarons and patisseries.

The unique details of this cafe sowed the seeds necessary to bloom into being crowned the best café of 2018’s Time Out Awards.

Don’t miss: Afternoon tea, macarons and patisseries


Al Safa

Down Under vibes…

Step into Australia’s refined and cosy atmosphere located in Dar Wasl Mall; Myocum offers early birds their caffeine fix, as well as high-quality food, from 7 am.

From their special local harvest menu to their large selection of beverages, the chefs add their own unique spin to everything on offer. Myocum supports local farms and sustainability both in their menu and within the details of their trendy interior design and curated decoration.

They are known for their Ethiopian single origin raw coffee creations mixed with flavours of lime and lemongrass, pomegranate and plum, or, the crowd favourite – Nutella.

Visiting Myocum is like getting a warm hug from a friend, it will lift you up and leave you satisfied for the whole day. And, should you need another reason to lure you to this wholesome spot, you will receive a free coffee if you purchase a KeepCup, a barista standard reusable glass cup aimed at reducing waste.

Don’t Miss: Ethiopian single origin raw coffee


Dubai Design District

For the coffee purists

The Espresso Lab is cosy and zen whilst oozing sophistication, like everything in Dubai Design District. It is the perfect hybrid between farm-to-table coffee and sleek interiors. At the Espresso Lab, coffee is the centre of attention. The menu is simple yet specialised, based on the coffee origin and brew. Coffee purists are welcome to stop in and enjoy their brew in its unadulterated form – but take note, this authentic lab does not serve any sugar!

The calmness of this venue will have you solely fixated on the taste of your coffee, appreciating every sip to the fullest. The warm soft lighting reflecting on the wide concrete walls of the café makes this place truly peaceful.

Winners of the ‘Best Special Drinks’ category in the highly coveted #DubaiLovesCoffee awards, The Espresso Lab have secured themselves a spot at the prestigious 2019 Amsterdam Coffee Festival representing Dubai’s speciality coffee scene.

Don’t miss: Speciality coffee


Trade Centre

Just like home

Everything that you could possibly imagine or wish to indulge in at any time of the day, The Sum of Us has you covered – and it’s made from scratch and prepared with love, just like at home.

Well-known for delicious breakfasts, this artisan cafe offers perfectly baked bread and colourful viennoiseries as well as creative meals for lunch and dinner.

Above all, The Sum of Us roasts high-quality coffee beans in the in-house Micro Roastery that is sure to catch your eye as soon as you walk in. The mission of their home-grown coffee brand, Encounter Adventurous Coffee Roasters, is to source the highest quality Arabica beans from around the globe.

As their motto says: “wander where the Wi-Fi is weak and the coffee is strong”. This space is spontaneous, quirky and creative.

And, if you’re still craving coffee, or thinking of a tenth place, it would, of course, be the one you get your daily dose from (wherever that may be). We all know it is hard to replace the blissful feeling you get when you enter your everyday coffee spot, where after just a simple look or smile, you can already smell the magic your barista is preparing for you!

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By Kyara Chams

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