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Al Reef apartments for sale

Al Reef is a fine family friendly gated community that is highly desired with living made affordable for all nationalities. It is a residential complex set at the north of Abu Dhabi International Airport on the outskirts of the capital city. Al Reef comprises of four unique villages that are full of villas and surrounding a central complex of apartments as well as a light retail.

Apartments for sale in Al Reef are an ideal choice of residence specially for those who have to commute to Dubai each day. Its proximity to the city means that you have easy access to major business districts and many important places within the emirate. Also, the E11 Ghweifat International Highway runs along the eastern side of the development, and the E12 Shaikh Khalifa Highway runs from the north which adds more routs for residents to get in and out of the development to any place they want. Additionally, business travelers and frequent visitors would also find al reef apartments a great stay as Al Reef is located on the northern perimeter of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

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Moreover, in the center of the community is a well- established collection of apartments known as Downtown. Al Reef apartments feature spacious apartments of one, two, three, and four-bedrooms and studios are also available. This wide variety allows you to choose from a range of flats for sale in Al Reef and guarantee that you will the home that suits you most. The area makes a great address for singles, couples and families as it is complete with everything that provides comfort and ease of living. The prices of al reef flats for sale are quite affordable for almost all budgets and lower than many other developments in the emirate. There is also easy access to many transportation options to help you kill traffic time. Al Reef condos for sale will definitely be a profitable investment with many benefits to the owners.

Furthermore, each of the residential villages in Al Reef has their own lush green spaces and parks. They all have adventure playgrounds for children and are equipped with swimming pools and gyms. Also, the central Downtown area has a communal green space and a huge plaza, with many dining and retail options to spend the best leisure time or have some quality time with friends. In addition to the parks, pools and gardens; there are many health clubs, shops retail area, educational facilities and a medical clinic.

In a nutshell, Al Reef is a thriving friendly community with lots of young families living here, and it seems to attract even more. You will see children outside playing and cycling in a happy environment, very lively and safe with everything needed within reach.