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Property for rent in Al Reem Island

Al Reem Island is a commercial and residential project in Abu Dhabi, with various accommodation options. Properties for rent in Al Reem Island cater for the sophisticated taste looking to live a refined lifestyle. Set off Abu Dhabi island’s coast, Al Reem Island is a world-class waterfront development comprising several residential, commercial and business projects. It is set on a natural island that is located 300 meters off the north- eastern coast of Abu Dhabi city. It is a whole world of spectacular views of nature, sun and sea combined with stunning architectural styles.

There are many residential units all of high quality and top standards of living that go very well with the island's setting. Depending on your budget, you can opt for an extravagant luxurious unit among Al Reem Island properties for rent, or a more moderate form of accommodation. Starting with the first and most sophisticated option, which is the villas in Al Reem Island; providing residents with a place that stands for superiority and elegance. These villas are as spacious as 5 master bedrooms and come with a large garden and a refreshing swimming pool.

Choosing Al Reem Island Properties for Rent
Getting Properties for Rent in Al Reem Island

Choosing Al Reem Island Properties for Rent

In addition, many families prefer to the rent the big houses in Al Reem Island in order to to have a comfortable stay for the entire family with the all the necessary space required. However, there are alternative options for those looking for something a little humbler or average in size and price, such as Apartments in Al Reem Island. They are perfect for young professionals and couples, and even suitable for some families as well.

Be it an apartment or a villa, all Al Reem Island properties for rent have many advantages for their residents. The project includes important amenities necessary for residents such as schools, medical clinics, and shopping malls; plus, leisure options such as restaurants, a 27-hole golf course, hotels, resorts, spas, gardens and beaches. Additionally, there is plenty of access to many places in the emirate as the development is connected to the Abu Dhabi Island by 2 bridges and residents are only 20 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The project has gained a wide international interest as one of the first freehold developments in Abu Dhabi. It is increasingly sought after by investors, home buyers, and those looking to rent a home in a superb location or just for a getaway. Al Reem Island covers an area of 6.5 million square meters and is expected to accommodate about 200,000 people or even more. Al Reem is also home to one of the emirate’s architectural landmarks that have captured much attention, the linked, Stonehenge-style Gate Towers. This and the many other dazzling features of the island makes a destination worth visiting and its properties very much worth the stay.

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