Living alone: studio vs. one bedroom

Moving alone to a city like Dubai can be intimidating, especially with all the decision that need to be made. One of these decisions is deciding where to live. While Dubai offers competitive salaries for expats, one cannot expect to move into a beachside villa straight away. You are likely to start looking for apartments on online portals, and the question of a studio vs. one bedroom will go through your head quite often.



A studio apartment is obviously the cheaper choice for you. However, in some areas in Dubai, the difference between a studio apartment and a one bedroom is less than 5,000AED, while in others the difference can go up to 20,000AED. So choose your accommodation depending on your budget.


The size should not be the first factor you considering when choosing between a studio and a 1BR, as even the largest studios don’t offer the comfortable divisions which 1BR apartments do. Make this choice depending on your preference and how much stuff you own.

Social life

If you’re a social butterfly known for your entertaining cocktail parties, moving to a studio apartment might not be the best idea. However, if you’re someone who like to keep to themselves and spend quality time alone, a studio apartment would be ideal.

What did you say?

“When I was single, I prefered to live in a studio. It’s easy to clean, you save tons on utility bills and, a single person doesn’t really need all that space!”

– Mahmoud

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One bedroom apartments are almost always more expensive than studio apartments in the same area. Calculate your finances and know exactly how much you are able to afford.


Naturally, those who prefer larger spaces would look for one bedroom apartments. However, keep in mind that there are enormous studio apartments as there are tiny one bedroom apartments. So if you want extra space, give both options a chance.

Social life

A spacious one bedroom apartment would be the perfect choice for you if you’re a natural host who likes throwing parties and dinner gatherings. A one bedroom gives you a chance to have a comfortable kitchen space and a large dining table.

What did you say?

“Living alone doesn’t mean I want to live in a match box. I like having friends over so a one bedroom is ideal for me.”

– Lana

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