All You Need to Know About Smart Dubai

Dubai is always seeking more when it comes to the comfort and satisfaction of its residents. Consequently, the government plans to transform Dubai into a smart city on all levels. 

Smart Dubai website is one of the steps towards reaching this goal. To know more about the platform and how it can ease your life, scroll down.

smart Dubai

1. What Is Smart Dubai?

Smart Dubai is an online platform for Digital Dubai. It’s home to all the governmental initiatives, services, and projects towards digitising the emirate. 

It also introduces you to various services and smart solutions that you can enjoy as a citizen, expat, or even an investor. It was set up after launching the Dubai Smart City project.

2. What Is the Goal of Smart Dubai?

The goal behind Smart Dubai is making a unified website for the various digital services by the government.

Not just that, it introduces you to a smart lifestyle on all levels to save your time and effort. 

Establishing this website was through the cooperation of four expert entities, which are: 

  • Dubai Electronic Security 
  • Smart Dubai Government Establishment
  • Dubai Statistics Centre 
  • Dubai Data Establishment.

You can blindly use all the information and data available on this website, as it’s all from trusted resources with high credibility. 

Besides, you are provided with new and innovative programs, enabling you to enjoy many services with one click from your home.  

Dubai smart city

3. What Are the Initiatives and Projects for Smart Dubai?

There are different initiatives for Smart Dubai which enhance and speed up the digitising process of the city across its different sectors. 

Besides, some of them have been in action before the launch of Smart Dubai yet serving the same goal. 

Here’s the list of the initiatives and projects that were launched before Smart Dubai: 

  • Paperless. It started in 2021 aiming to go paper-free across all the governmental entities and use digital solutions instead. This will save up to 1 Billion papers which are used in the daily transactions. 
  • RTA eWallet. The RTA launched the eWallet in 2013, through which you can make secure online transactions. 
  • RFID for Salik. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used in collecting Salik toll fees across its different smart gates; this is to reduce the traffic jam and save your time so you no longer have to pass through actual gates and pay in cash. 
  • Smart Nol Card. In 2013, Smart Nol Card was launched by the RTA. You can use it to pay while using public transportation instead of cash.  

After launching the Smart Dubai initiative, the following ones were introduced:  

  • Smart Cities Global Network. The government started establishing a number of smart cities in Dubai (also known as sustainable ones). In these cities, smart technologies and machines are used in the infrastructure, services, and operation methods.

The Smart Cities initiative in Dubai is a more upgraded and premium living option where you can enjoy a world-class residency. 

  • Makani. It means “my location” in Arabic; this initiative was launched in 2015. Makani is a smart addressing system in Dubai, which assigns a unique number of 10 digits for every building. 

You can use this number to identify your location or search for a building on Google Maps and Here Maps.

  • Startup Support. For all the creative minds who are aiming to establish their startups, this one is for you. Dubai is opening its doors to all the entrepreneurs as it works on a group of strategies to offer you a perfect investing and growing environment.
smart Dubai government

4. What Are the Services and Apps Offered by Smart Dubai? 

You will find various services on Smart Dubai website for everyday life. They are supported through various mobile applications for easy use and quick payment options. 

Here are the fields in which you can relish a high-quality service through this platform: 

  • Residential 
  • Health 
  • Investment 
  • Careers 
  • Business
  • Transportation  
  • Data acquisition.

This is the list of the available applications on Smart Dubai: 

  • DubaiApp Now. It’s an essential app to have as a resident in Dubai. This application gives you access to more than 120 services for the government and private sector. You can securely pay for any service you use through it too.
  • UAE Pass App. You can access various governmental services using only your National Digital Identity and Digital Signature for high security. This is much easier so you don’t go through the hassle of forgetting passwords or emails.  
  • Happiness Metre. You can rate the government’s different services across the city so they can always get your feedback. This helps them to work on the sides that need improvement and keep you satisfied.
  • Smart Supplier App. This is a user-friendly way for all the suppliers to manage their transactions, orders, and contracts with the different governmental entities.  
  • Smart Employee App. It’s available for managers and employees across the city so you can enter a worklist and manage all your daily work details.
  • Dubai Careers App. They provide you with easy access to various job opportunities in different sectors. 
  • Invest in Dubai. For all the investors, this app is a trusted source of information for the numerous investment fields with their current status; through it you can decide which one is the best. 
  • Dubai Pay App. It allows service providers and governmental entities to offer their customers a secure and easy payment method. 
  • Rashid – Smart City Assistant. Whenever you have any questions or inquiries, this app is powered with the latest AI technology to answer your questions.

You can download all these applications from the App Store or Google Play.

smart Dubai government payment

5. Where Is the Smart Dubai Office Located? 

It’s located on the 11th floor, building 1A, Dubai Design District, Dubai. The address of Smart Dubai office in the city is easily accessible from different spots so no worries.

6. What Are the Working Hours of Smart Dubai?

Its operating times are: 

  • Monday Thursday: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm 
  • Fridays: 7:30 am – 12 pm 

7. How Can You Contact Smart Dubai? 

You can contact Smart Dubai through their number or email; check below the contact details:

smart Dubai office

Smart Dubai platform is one more reason for Dubai being an ideal residential destination. Your life just got easier with such an innovative website. 

You don’t have any reasons that make you hesitant about relocating to this emirate; check the properties for rent in Dubai to enjoy an outstanding living experience or if you need a small flat to rent or a studio flat, you’ll get what you want in Dubai.

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