Discover the Different Types of properties in the UAE

Types of Properties in the UAE is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when talking about the Emirates. It is the unparalleled towers and architectural masterpieces it contains. Including the tallest Burj Khalifa in the world, the beautiful Museum of the Future. And many other properties that are unique in the country on a worldwide level. 

Here, we will provide you with a property type list in the UAE. Including different types of property ownership and the most important information related to it.

Types of Properties in the UAE

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You’re properly questioning, what are the different types of property in the UAE? Before talking about the types of real estate in general, we have to talk about its categories. As it is divided into three categories. They are residential real estate, such as apartments, villas, etc, and commercial real estates, such as shops and offices.

They also include different types of land. Read on to learn about the most important types within the categories below:

Types of Residential Property

Residential properties are the real estate that is prohibited to use for commercial purposes. Such as converting it into shops, companies, or warehouses. The following are the most famous of them:


Studio apartments are the smallest type of real estate in the UAE in terms of area. As they are generally suitable for employees, tourists, or newlyweds. Additionally, they are the lowest in terms of price or rent.

Penthouse Apartments

Penthouses are the newest and most preferred type of residential property in the UAE for families. Especially for those who prefer charming views and luxurious designs. As penthouses are usually located on the last floors of towers and residential buildings.

One of the unique features of these residential units is privacy. As they have a large balcony secluded from the rest of the apartments in the tower or building.

Duplex Apartments

Duplex Apartments

Duplexes, or the American system, are luxury apartments divided into two floors. Where one floor is allocated for bedrooms and service rooms. While the other floor is allocated for living rooms, guest lounge, kitchen, and others.

Dubai is famous for this type of apartment. As many people are always looking for duplex apartments for sale in Dubai

Triplex Apartments

Similar to duplexes, triplexes come in the same design, where the floors are connected by an internal staircase. But the only difference between the two types is that the triplexes consist of 3 floors. So they are more suitable for large families.


Townhouses are simply the best option for those looking for villas at lower prices. As they are closer to villas than apartments. These units have more privacy than apartments and are at a lower price than standalone villas.

Emirates townhouses are often attached to gated residential complexes and are distinguished by their luxurious designs and beautiful outdoor gardens. You can read about top areas to buy townhouses in Dubai to discover the best areas. 

Twin House

If you are looking for a greater kind of privacy and independence than the townhouse gives, we recommend the twin house. It is also known as a semi-independent villa, as it is attached to one side, with private entrances and gardens for each.


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Last but not least, in the list of types of properties in the UAE for residing, we will address villas. They are considered the highest in terms of price, and the best in terms of space, privacy, and luxury.

The villas are distinguished from the rest of the residential properties, by their large area. As there is a private garage that can accommodate more than one car and a spacious garden with several seating areas. There are types of villas in Dubai with special places designated for barbecue. In addition to the availability of a private swimming pool.

Types of Commercial Property

Thanks to the UAE facilities for investors. Seekers have been searching for the best type of investment property in the Emirates. It is considered a land of opportunities and an incubator for projects. 

Since the start of the incentive decisions and low taxes. Not to mention the various commercial properties in the Emirates that are suitable for all projects. Seekers have been making choices of different types of property investment in the UAE. Here is a look at the most popular real estate that can be used for commercial purposes:



Offices are the ideal choice for companies wishing to open their own branch in the UAE, or those emerging Emirati companies. There is the possibility of owning or renting offices for different types of property searches in the investment field. 


It is possible to rent or own any of the shops in the Emirates. Especially if you want to open a supermarket, a retail store, or a decent library. Or any other commercial activity as a distinct project.



We conclude the types of properties in the UAE for investment with warehouses. These are usually bought or considered as types of rental properties to store goods or products that will be sold later. Many factories also rely on warehouses to store their tools and machinery.

Types of Land Property

Lands and plots are also highly demanded in the UAE. They can be purchased for business including investment, or for personal use to have a farm or to build a house. And just like the other types of properties, land properties have different purposes as we will mention. 

Industrial Lands

This type of land is prohibited for residential usage. They are just for industrial projects, such as building a sports fields, opening a factory, or building workshops. As well as other buildings that are related to business. 

Mixed-use Lands

This type of land is suited for residential projects, real estate developers can plan residential buildings or hotel apartments. They are also suited for personal projects, such as building a villa or a townhouse to own for life. We hope this comprehensive guide to the various types of properties in the UAE was helpful. Explore more interesting topics like the best renovation companies in Dubai, and more topics on Property Finder blog.

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