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The Sustainable City

About The Sustainable City

Eco-friendly community  •   Innovative architecture  •   Various Facilities

The Sustainable City is Dubai's first operational net zero energy city, paving the way for sustainable living in the emirate. It's a unique and vibrant community with a variety of attractions and amenities for families and professionals. The area is characterized by a modern, eco-friendly atmosphere, with a variety of extraordinary features such as solar powered homes designed with energy efficiency in mind to reduce the carbon footprint. It also offers modern villas equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that are both eco-friendly and cost effective; making it highly attractive for potential buyers and tenants.

In terms of amenities, The Sustainable City features community centers where residents can enjoy numerous activities such as swimming pools, gyms, sports courts and more. There are also many entertainment spots scattered throughout the area including cafes, restaurants and shopping malls offering top class products from international brands. Furthermore there are several educational institutions like schools which offer high quality educational programs to their students.

Diamond Developers have paid close attention when developing The Sustainable City to ensure potential residents enjoy all the necessary elements they need for a sustainable lifestyle, such as car-free clusters, urban farming facilities, horse-riding and cycling tracks, lots of green spaces, and lakes of recycled water. Additionally, the villas offered here strike a unique balance between sustainability and luxury, making it great for anyone who wants to lead an environmentally-conscious lifestyle without compromising comfort.

House prices

Apartment TypeAverage Price (AED)
3 Bedrooms3,910,000
4 Bedrooms4,329,000

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