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2.8 /5

The Torch

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4.9 /5
Excellent building!
The Torch Tower is ideally situated, one minute from the sea, from the marina and from public transportation. The staff are very friendly. Gym and Pool are great.
4.3 /5
Great place to stay in!
I lived in Torch Tower for the past 3 years and i only left because i moved countries. the place is great, luxurious, staff are great and building is super clean. only thing i would advise you to live between 6-46th floors in order to access fast elevators. everything above 46 will take you some time to get there. rooms are spacious, gym and pool is great and the area has a 5 stars rating close to many shops, restaurants, services etc.. overall i highly recommend Torch Tower
2.3 /5
Good value but no one’s dream
The staff are really friendly and helpful and the apartments are good value for the rental cost. However the traffic around the building is appalling and the noise from it can be heard at least to 49th floor (maybe even higher). For high floors the lifts can mean regularly waiting for 10minutes, so make sure you leave extra journey time! The swimming pool is great however doesn’t get the sun after 11am in the winter months, so good for families with young children, not so good for the sun lovers - best to head over to a beach for sun. The external cladding gives some peace of mind from fires, but the fire alarm is extra sensitive and does go off for a few minutes every couple of weeks whenever someone in the building has burnt some toast. You learn to ignore it!
3.6 /5
Excellent value location
I've been living in the Torch for 5 years and I must say after dealing with the fire issues and the construction next door, the building is now excellent value with good size apartments and an amazing location. The external cladding has been replaced and fireproofed and the gym is being upgraded. There is barely any noise on the higher floors. Easy access to SZR. Only issue is the lack of guest parking.
1.9 /5
Lived 1 year
.Noise can go up to 32nd floor. Traffic is a problem during rush hours. Train rings a bell while passing the lights and this goes till 1 am ( this drive me crazy). Location wise great.
2.4 /5
Maintenance cost is a trick
I live in 13 floor. Escaping fire was easy. Happened one on December 2018 Had to fix heater, water tap, washing machine, clean vent, plumbing every time just below 500 dirhams. Pool is unusual during winter for heating not working and strong wind due to location. Furniture quality is awful. Stove has barely enough power and oven is not usable and cannot be fixed. Building power isnt sufficient. Wonder if it s same everywhere. Guest parking is practically non-existent. Location great. Marina walk with hi entertainment is just 2 minutes away.
3.1 /5
Beware of your maintenance costs
I do not regret being in the torch after 8 months. It s a great location, The noise of the on-going next door construction soon will be gone. Pool and gym are great (heating is not always working well, leaves pool unused for most of winter months and being on a funnel road, very strong wind blows almost always). What is bad? since day 1 , i have been confronted with malfunctioning equipment, water heating (land lord did not want to fix), oven and stove do not get enough power to really be useful, plumbing problems are monthly (landlord consider them my problem).... My conclusion, Torch yes, but make sure in your contract specifies what you have to pay and what not. And give it a thought. Almost everything is just below the threshold of 500 Dirhams.
3.3 /5
The torch
The Torch in Dubai Marina is a good building by select group. Good sized apartments and currently very affordable rents for a building with the type of outlook as this has. Gym is great, pool is alright but in the shade most part of the day. The staff are super friendly and helpful. Would recommend anyone to consider this building for a move into Dubai Marina. The down side though is the traffic in the area mainly related to the tram lines around the building, which can be quite annoying during peak hours but that also means public transport is nearby with a tram line and the metro a shirt walk away. Dubai Marina is probably the most exciting area to reside as there are many entertainment areas not more than a 10 min drive away from JBR, Mall of the Emirates to the new small restaurants popping up in JLT (across SZR). Minus the traffic and parking issues next to the building, this is a great place to live.
2.6 /5
Nice build apart from the fires. Layout is nice location is brilliant. Lifts can take a long time if you are on the higher floors
3.4 /5
A warm and cozy living environment
Much cheaper than other similar properties in the area Excellent community events such as the annual evacuation of the building Upper floors recommended for adrenaline junkies
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Been here for 3 years, stayed through 2 fires and there may have been another 2 in the past but I still call this place home. Staff is friendly and helpful, flat is big and ac is free so at least I won't feel the flames if there is another fire. Location is perfect. Just before the madness JBR traffic. Would reccomend.

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