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2.7 /5

The Torch

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Resident reviews

4.6 /5
Amazing Building
People told me not to rent here but they were wrong - I am really enjoying the building. It's in the heart of marina, near the tram, supermarket, restaurants, the walk, the beach , and the mall. Super nice staff and maintenance.
3.1 /5
Good one
I've been living here for 3 years now. I love the building. High floors have a great view, with no noise at all. Gym is by far the best when it comes to gyms in buildings.
1.6 /5
The price does not match the quality
The nosiest apartment in Dubai, constrictions are 24/7, pool is out of service for over 2 years, if you have a guest don't dream of finding them a parking space, as there is no parking at all for guests, no view - its covered by buildings from all sides. The max price I would pay for a 2 bedroom apartment is 60,000/year. Not worth more for sure. I don't think I will ever advice anyone to stray there, the only good thing is the staff.
2.3 /5
No Pool - Building Noise all around - Traffic Busy
We've been here a year, and due to the fire the Pool has been closed all that time. No sign of it opening any time soon. In addition the Towers being built next door are emitting masses of noise, even through the night causing residents not to sleep.
1 /5
I lost my hearing!
I live in a fantastic 1 bedroom layout apartment and that's were the good side starts and stops. The build quality is alright; however, not at all comparable to European / US standards! Unfortunately I am facing the marina side, which is very noisy, as previously mentioned. The pool is an ongoing saga and who knows when it will open! My living experience in the Torch started well 5 years ago, unfortunately the buildings in Dubai age quickly and the continuous high-rise fires makes one strongly consider whether to seek living far above ground. I will not renew my lease, simply do not see an upside to do so and to continue a good living quality.
2.6 /5
Looking for a place to move out
We moved in in 2012. We had a sea view, full Marina view. Due to construction around, sea view is blocked and we are loosing Marina view as well. Pool is still closed after the fire. Noise is 92dB - highest in Marina! We live in 30th floor but we can feel vibration from the construction. Noise is ongoing 24/7. Poorer life quality for 5% increasing rent yearly. Staff is nice, trying to manage the building as much as they can. It's well kept.
1.6 /5
Nice building but very noisy!
The building is well-maintained and the gym is fairly big. The staff are very polite and friendly and there is a nice feel in the common areas. Unfortunately the swimming pool is closed as a result of the fire and there is no confirmed date for re-opening so far. The biggest downside is the construction noise which is throughout the whole day and night (except Friday) and makes me question whether the rent I pay today is really fair compared to 1 or 2 years ago when there was no noise and the swimming pool was functioning. It is very unfair that the Rental Increase Index does not take these factors into consideration when calculating the new market rate for the Torch apartments, which gives me no choice but to forward my vacating notice.
1.7 /5
It used to be good...
I have been living at the Torch for the past 4 years for two reasons - location and beautiful views of the marina. The location is still good and traffic is bearable HOWEVER the view will very soon disappear and with it my hearing too as the noise from the construction is non-stop!
2.6 /5
Overall a nice tower
I live on the opposite side to construction so noise from there is not an issue. I suggest figuring that out BEFORE renting on construction side. Traffic is easy with direct access to SZR. Can be noisy at night though with impatient drivers honking horns. Walking distance to JBR and Marina is at your doorstep. The gym is great & pool is scheduled to re-open October - November inshallah... Staff and security are awesome & super friendly. So far I am enjoying living in the Torch :) (3 months)
1.6 /5
Below average
Maintenance - the building is already old, and unless the particular unit has not gone through a major upgrade, expect a lot of drainage issues and cupboards/wardrobes breaking. Staff - very good Gym - good size but nothing special Pool - isn't functioning since the fire. Not expecting any development in the next year or so. Children Friendly - no outdoor community areas which are safe for children and no children play room. Noise - 24/7! The construction which is going to block the marina view completely will only be finished after 2 or 3 years! Good Luck to anybody who currently rents in Torch or has bought a unit there! Traffic - reasonable. Guest Parking - simply does not exist!