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3.6 /5

The Torch

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3.1 /5
Beware of your maintenance costs
I do not regret being in the torch after 8 months. It s a great location, The noise of the on-going next door construction soon will be gone. Pool and gym are great (heating is not always working well, leaves pool unused for most of winter months and being on a funnel road, very strong wind blows almost always). What is bad? since day 1 , i have been confronted with malfunctioning equipment, water heating (land lord did not want to fix), oven and stove do not get enough power to really be useful, plumbing problems are monthly (landlord consider them my problem).... My conclusion, Torch yes, but make sure in your contract specifies what you have to pay and what not. And give it a thought. Almost everything is just below the threshold of 500 Dirhams.
3.3 /5
The torch
The Torch in Dubai Marina is a good building by select group. Good sized apartments and currently very affordable rents for a building with the type of outlook as this has. Gym is great, pool is alright but in the shade most part of the day. The staff are super friendly and helpful. Would recommend anyone to consider this building for a move into Dubai Marina. The down side though is the traffic in the area mainly related to the tram lines around the building, which can be quite annoying during peak hours but that also means public transport is nearby with a tram line and the metro a shirt walk away. Dubai Marina is probably the most exciting area to reside as there are many entertainment areas not more than a 10 min drive away from JBR, Mall of the Emirates to the new small restaurants popping up in JLT (across SZR). Minus the traffic and parking issues next to the building, this is a great place to live.
2.6 /5
Nice build apart from the fires. Layout is nice location is brilliant. Lifts can take a long time if you are on the higher floors
3.4 /5
A warm and cozy living environment
Much cheaper than other similar properties in the area Excellent community events such as the annual evacuation of the building Upper floors recommended for adrenaline junkies
2.6 /5
Cheap, risky, but good enough for your first year
The Good: Great location, exceptionally friendly staff, amazing pricing for the heart of Marina (due to risking your life living here). The Bad: There are always going to be questions about the quality of construction when the building regularly sets on fire. Most two bedroom apartments have an odd distribution of the space, resulting in one bedroom that is much smaller. There were numerous leaks from the apartments above that came in via the kitchen air conditioning vent. The gym has basic equipment, but nothing fancy (typical Dubai residential gym - no squat rack, incline bench, smith machine), so if you have more specific fitness needs, you'll want to look elsewhere. Pool is probably still closed due to the risk of people being injured by debris falling from the side of the building that burns sometimes.
4.6 /5
Amazing Building
People told me not to rent here but they were wrong - I am really enjoying the building. It's in the heart of marina, near the tram, supermarket, restaurants, the walk, the beach , and the mall. Super nice staff and maintenance.
3.1 /5
Good one
I've been living here for 3 years now. I love the building. High floors have a great view, with no noise at all. Gym is by far the best when it comes to gyms in buildings.
1.6 /5
The price does not match the quality
The nosiest apartment in Dubai, constrictions are 24/7, pool is out of service for over 2 years, if you have a guest don't dream of finding them a parking space, as there is no parking at all for guests, no view - its covered by buildings from all sides. The max price I would pay for a 2 bedroom apartment is 60,000/year. Not worth more for sure. I don't think I will ever advice anyone to stray there, the only good thing is the staff.
2.3 /5
No Pool - Building Noise all around - Traffic Busy
We've been here a year, and due to the fire the Pool has been closed all that time. No sign of it opening any time soon. In addition the Towers being built next door are emitting masses of noise, even through the night causing residents not to sleep.
1 /5
I lost my hearing!
I live in a fantastic 1 bedroom layout apartment and that's were the good side starts and stops. The build quality is alright; however, not at all comparable to European / US standards! Unfortunately I am facing the marina side, which is very noisy, as previously mentioned. The pool is an ongoing saga and who knows when it will open! My living experience in the Torch started well 5 years ago, unfortunately the buildings in Dubai age quickly and the continuous high-rise fires makes one strongly consider whether to seek living far above ground. I will not renew my lease, simply do not see an upside to do so and to continue a good living quality.

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