Trust & Transparency Drive UAE Market Confidence

Presenting investors with accurate information is a key aspect in allowing them to make informed decisions

The judging for the awards is upon us, and this is always a time of the year that I relish. It’s a great honour to be part of the judging panel and to be able to see first hand the agents and companies who have constantly raised
the bar that has been climbing for a number of years now.

Here at Property Finder, we have always valued quality over quantity, and we have never compromised on our principles and our belief in the importance of transparency in the market. It’s the primary reason we launched Verified Listings to much critical acclaim and the very same reason we have a dedicated quality control team to review listings and assist in ensuring all our clients have the relevant licences and approvals to practise real estate in the emirate in which they operate.

Trust & Transparency Drive UAE Market Confidence

Presenting potential investors, buyers, sellers and renters with accurate information is a key aspect in allowing them to make informed decisions. This goes far beyond just having a listing in the correct location at the correct price, and while we value and respect our own clients and the privacy of theirs, we are always striving to provide our site users with as much information within the realm of what is possible.

We’ve always encouraged, and in many respects facilitated, increasing the standard of real estate in the UAE, with transparency being a key part of this. It’s crucial to consider the wide-ranging impact of a transparent market when evaluating its importance. Real estate in general performs a huge role in the success of any community. It can facilitate business, encourage healthy competition and improve the quality of life for its inhabitants. Ultimately, it’s all about giving the real estate agents who perform this role, and the customers that both they and ourselves ultimately serve, the real time market insight they need.

The way that we at Property Finder contribute to this is by constantly monitoring the content on our site. We do this through a combination of cutting-edge technology, a series of rigorous checks and screening of the content on our site along with having a team who understand the constantly changing environment of real estate and being sympathetic to the challenges faced by agents and investors along the way. We have always welcomed all the initiatives that the governing bodies implement for the good of the industry and this is something that will no doubt continue.

At the very foundation of transparency is trust. We want our consumers to trust the information we are presenting to them, and in turn know they are going to be connected to an agent who they can trust to guide them through a process of finding their ideal home, which is arguably one of the most important decisions anyone can make in their lives.


Quality Control Manager,
Property Finder

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