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All about the many Al Furjan villas for sale

Al Furjan is located in the south of Dubai as part of a huge residential development by renowned property developers Nakheel. When completed it will house 4000 homes, contain 2 schools, a huge array of parks and green spaces as well as a bustling Village Centre with shops, restaurants and supermarkets.

A key part of the Al Furjan development is the residential villas for sale spread across its 4 villages. In these 4 villages (named after the 4 main compass points) are villas for sale that will suit families of any size, especially those that will grow in the future. Other developers are also involved as part of the Al Furjan villas for sale development, namely Azizi and Danube so residents can expect plenty of variety in the villas of Al Furjan.

Currently, the vast majority of villas for sale in Al Furjan are in the North Village however the villas available across all 4 clusters will be based off 2 distinct styles and will be set amongst lovely landscapes and will have close access to all amenities. The 2 styles are the Dubai Style villas and the Quortaj Style villas.

Dubai Style reflects local architecture and design based around local trends and the climate. It’s modern, comfortable and striking in appearance. Villas in the Quortaj Style take on a North African look with their stunning arches, assortment of colours and textures and unique designs that fuse the Mediterranean with the Arabian world. Whichever Al Furjan villa for sale you intend on buying, you’ll no doubt be living in absolute style in a home that has been beautifully designed.

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Buying a beautiful villa for sale in Al Furjan means an investment in your family's comfort. With the upcoming schools being built you get the added convenience of having your children merely walking or riding their bicycles to school giving you peace of mind. There will be many gardens and dedicated park spaces across Al Furjan to relax and unwind and it makes for very suburban living.

When you buy a villa in Al Furjan, the same rules apply as if you were to buy elsewhere in Dubai. You will need work closely with registered and experienced real estate agents as well as qualified financial and legal professionals so that you’re working within the law and don’t get sprung with hidden fees. You may also wish to apply for UAE residency if the villa you wish to buy in Al Furjan is valued at 1 million AED or more when you buy it. The application is reviewed manually by the authorities and may be of interest to those without a current UAE residency visa.

Whether you consider an Al Furjan villa for sale as an investment property or a place to call home, it’s bound to pay off as the location is set to become even more convenient in the years to come, there’s quick easy access to Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Marina and JBR as well as to major highways to get around Dubai. More amenities and developments are being completed as the weeks progress and Al Furjan is even closer to becoming a complete community where families and lives grow in the south of Dubai.

The number of villas for sale in Dubai and the high standard of quality in which they are built in is clearly only going to grow with the development of Al Furjan villas for sale. If you're looking at a shorter stay in Dubai, then you may like to check out the villas for rent in Al Furjan as an alternative.