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All about the many Al Furjan villas for rent

Al Furjan is a residential development in the south of Dubai towards the direction of Jebel Ali, being completed by master developer Nakheel. It is unique in that although Nakheel is the master developer, it contains sub-developments by other developers like Danube and Azizi.

Once Al Furjan is completed, it will have at least 4000 luxury homes of which many will be uniquely designed villas for rent. Al Furjan will be split into 4 villages, namely North, South, West and East, of which the North has the most number of completed properties that are either currently occupied or ready for a new tenant. Each village will be designed using its own style and residents can expect lots of park areas and green spaces amongst the villas, along with bike trails, pools and eventually, 2 schools.

Al Furjan villas for rent will come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit every preference and families of all sizes with 3, 5 and 6 bedroom villas available. Villas are split into two styles: Quortaj and Dubai. Quortaj Style rental villas in Al Furjan draws inspiration from North Africa fused with Arabian and Mediterranean influences with rich textures, colours and arches.

Rental villas designed in the Dubai Style within Al Furjan are more contemporary in style but based on local designs which factor in the climate of the area. These villas are modern looking and have great levels of detail that come together as a beautiful contrast to the equally impressive Quortaj Style villas.

Each villa is being designed and built to be comfortable with modern fittings and with the aim of practical living with maximum accessibility.

al furjan from above
al furjan terraced villas

A popular choice are the villas for rent in North Village of Al Furjan

Each Al Furjan villa for rent will have its own garden which is great for entertaining and relaxing in the cooler months and walls will be of a low-profile so you still get to enjoy your privacy without feeling closed in. At present, villas for rent in Al Furjan are being leased out unfurnished which is often the preference of both landlords and tenants in the area. This is also a common trend amongst other villas for rent in Dubai.

The Village Centre will be the heart of Al Furjan where residents can visit shops, restaurants and cafes along with supermarkets. Ibn Battuta Mall is not far away and as the UAE’s 2nd biggest mall provides shoppers with lots of retail and dining options, games arcade and bowling alley along with a cinema and tremendous amount of details about the famous Arabian traveller Ibn Battuta. Residents of Al Furjan villas for rent can also access the always exciting Dubai Marina and JBR districts via the back roads to avoid traffic.

When you've found the right Al Furjan villa for rent and have your paperwork in order, remember to submit your EJARI registration and keep an eye out on the Dubai rental calculator in case you get a rental increase notice. Also bear in mind that villas tend to have higher DEWA bills than smaller accommodations so if this is your first time renting a villa in Dubai then this is important to note.

Looking at the villas for rent in Al Furjan, one can expect quality housing in a convenient location, with a great amount of amenities already available and many more on the horizon. It presents itself as a unique alternative to living elsewhere in Dubai and with the growth of Dubai South and the World Expo 2020 site, Al Furjan is a prime location to call home. Anyone looking at a long term stay in Dubai may also want to consider Al Furjan villas for sale.