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Jumeirah Islands Houses for Rent

Many of us love to live on an Island, where you can have a peaceful life away from the city hustle and bustle. With Jumeirah islands villas, living on an island is dream come true… it become more accessible than you might think! The awesome Jumeirah islands villas are now available to buy or rent. Jumeirah Islands Villas for rent are located just east of Sheikh Zayed Road, between interchanges 5 and 6, it’s self-contained community of 50 small islands divided into forty-six clusters, each comprising sixteen individually styled luxury villas with private swimming pool and modern interiors, lovely landscape, amazing walkways and bridges, in addition to great leisure facilities.

Jumeirah Island is a residential development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it was developed by one of Dubai's largest developers, Nakheel Properties. Jumeirah Islands lies directly inland from Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers, just east of the main spinal highway, Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), between interchanges 5 and 6. 

Jumeirah Islands villas area consists of small islands, clusters, each one of them comprising 16 villas. They all sit in an artificial lake. The lake itself is very large that the whole complex has a land to water ratio of 23:77. It has a lot of nearby properties include the Jumeirah Lake Towers and Palm Jumeirah, both built by Nakheel.

Moreover, Jumeirah Islands rentals also contain a wide range of community amenities, including supermarkets, gym, restaurant and café, and many other leisure facilities to complement the superb infrastructure. Having villas for rent in Jumeirah will provide you the perfect environment to relax and enjoy your life living in an exclusive atmosphere.

Jumeirah Islands Villa for Rent
House for Rent in Jumeirah Islands

Villas for Rent in Jumeirah Islands

If you are looking for villas for rent in Jumeirah, you may check Propertyfinder for more information about the available Jumeirah Islands villas for rent Dubai, you will find all about Jumeirah islands villa rentals; spaces, number of rooms, locations, nearby entertainments, and prices. 

Villas for rent in Jumeirah Islands are usually spacious with four or five bedrooms, private swimming pools and gardens. Villas for rent in Jumeirah Islands have been designed in six different styles; European, Oasis, Mediterranean, Islamic, Contemporary and Tropical style, with up to six facade variants for each style. That’s why each villa for rent in Jumeirah is unique; there are no two villas in any cluster look alike. And to add more variety and exclusivity, the interiors may be one of three designs, Entertainment View, Garden Hall View or Master View. 

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