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Dubai Marina is a unique part of Dubai that is perpetually on the top of everyone’s list to visit and to live in. It was launched as a completely man made area with canals and areas for yachts and boats to dock and cruise through as well as being a freehold area which meant foreigners could own property in the area. As Dubai rose to even more popularity, so too did Dubai Marina and the demand for quality properties for rent in Dubai Marina has never been higher. Developers have been working hard to meet demand and the results so far nothing short of stunning as Dubai Marina has a skyline that is fast becoming one of the most photographed parts of the world.

Within Dubai Marina, one can find mostly apartments for rent however there’s also plenty of penthouses, hotel apartments and even some duplexes. Since Dubai Marina’s skyline is a popular choice by both amateur and professional photographers alike, one can assume that apartment buildings and skyscrapers are the most popular place find a property for rent in Dubai Marina.

Apartments for rent in Dubai Marina are spread out across a range of towers that range in size from the world’s tallest residential tower, the Princess Tower to smaller buildings with no more than 10-15 floors on average. The views you will enjoy depends on the location of your apartment building but also how the property is built and where within the property your apartment actually is. With its canals and waterways, the Arabian Gulf on one side with the Palm Jumeirah nearby and JLT across Sheikh Zayed Road, it’s rare for residents of Marina to complain about the views which are arguably some of the best in the region. Since there’s so many great places to rent an apartment in the Marina, it may be hard to choose but it’s worth checking out the apartments for rent in Princess Tower (because it’s just so hard to miss!).

dubai marina apartment buildings at sunset
dubai marina towers during the day

Dubai Marina properties for rent are very popular and in constant high demand

Penthouses for rent in Dubai Marina are found in some of the higher end towers of the area where designers have been allowed full creative authority to put together a special form of accommodation. They can go up to 4 bedroom in size and if a penthouse is something of interest, check out the penthouses for rent in Le Reve tower and the penthouses for rent in 23 Marina. They’re some of the best penthouses for rent in Dubai.

Although Dubai Marina is a freehold area and landlords are often foreign nationals who may not live in the UAE, the rental laws of Dubai still apply here. This means rental increases are governed by the rental increase calculator which stipulates when and by how much rent of a property in Dubai Marina (and other areas of Dubai) can be increased by. It also means that if there are any issues between landlord and tenant, a rental dispute case can be filed and heard by the disputes committee for resolution. This is just part of how the Dubai Government is making renting in Dubai a more streamlined, easier experience. Don't forget your EJARI registration at your nearest typing centre which gets you an official government record of your tenancy.

There’s evidently no shortage of Dubai Marina properties for rent despite the huge demand that continues day by day. The market is dynamic as is the local social scene with loads of bars, restaurants and cafes to check out and if nightlife is your thing, then renting a property in Dubai Marina may well be the best thing you’ll do!