Best Places to Walk in Dubai

Has it been a long time since you went out? Are you bored of the restaurants and cafes? Then it’s time for exploring and walking around Dubai! Indeed, this is the best option! It’s so refreshing and relaxing that you will feel so good after. 

Through this article, we gathered all the beautiful and best places where you can go for a walk in Dubai. Let us introduce you to different places where you can enjoy your time and take a rest from the usual outings. 

best places to walk in dubai

1. Jumeirah Corniche 

Walking is a cool thing but imagine when it’s beside the sea; awesome, isn’t it? At Jumeirah Corniche, you can go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful scene of Jumeirah beach at the same time. Enjoying the beach breeze while walking is irresistible. You will feel so relaxed afterwards! 

If you have a dog, Jumeirah Corniche is one of the best places to walk dogs in Dubai. Its area is quite large so your dog will safely walk away from cars and motorcycles.  


It’s located on Al Mina Road.

Jumeirah Corniche

2. Palm Jumeirah Crescent 

Home to Palm Jumeirah Crescent, the iconic Palm Jumeirah with its beauty and uniqueness always takes our breath away. It is one of the best walking areas in Dubai that you shouldn’t miss! 

Walking at Palm Jumeirah Crescent is full of interesting things! First you will enjoy the wonderful view of the blue water. Second, the place is so clean and well designed to walk freely without any distractions. In addition, you can grab a snack or a refreshing drink from the vendors located there. You won’t regret heading to Palm Jumeirah Crescent for a walk!


It’s located on Crescent Road, Palm Jumeirah.

2. Palm Jumeirah Crescent, Good places to walk in dubai

3. Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches, the outstanding community by Emaar, is a flawless spot for a walk. It offers you a perfectly designed landscape with walking lanes lined by green areas. You won’t resist the dazzling and wonderful view at the Arabian Ranches! 

Besides, if you are an early bird, you can go for a morning walk before going to work; it helps you stay active and energetic the whole day.


It’s located on Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road.

Arabian Ranches, open areas in dubai

4. Burj Park

In case you love vibrant areas, then Burj Park is the perfect choice. It’s located in the heart of Downtown Dubai surrounded by its outstanding attractions like Burj Khalifa and the Dubai dancing fountain. 

You can go for a walk with some friends; it’s a good chance to enjoy the sun and catch up with each other. You can also bring some bakery and drinks to stay at the park for a while after the walk, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Dubai. 


It’s located on Burj Khalifa Boulevard, Downtown Dubai.

Burj Park, nice places to walk in duba

5. Dubai Marina 

Dubai Marina is one of the most visited places in Dubai. It’s always fun to be there, not just because of the high-end outlets and international restaurants, but for its distinctive walking area too. 

From the good places to walk in Dubai is Dubai Marina; The view of the iconic skyscrapers with the blue water is so mesmerizing. In addition, at night it shines with various cheerful colors, making for a fascinating scene.  

It’s about a 7 km walking lane along the marina. You can go whenever you prefer! It welcomes people day and night. You can go walking and take your little ones with their bikes for a change!


It’s located on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Dubai Marina

6. Deira Gold Souk 

Do you love to walk in an active place and go shopping too? Yes? Then Deira Gold Souk is your favourite spot from now on. It’s a long street with different shops on the sides. You will feel the Arabian spirit as you walk by the heavenly aroma of spices. It’s impossible to resist buying a few.

Additionally, the best jewelry shops are located at Deira Souk, so you can go check them to get trendy pieces. It’s a vintage experience at Deira Gold Souk that you will like and will love to do it again. 


It’s located at Deira Al Ras.

Deira Gold Souk

7. Quranic Park 

Dubai always surprises us with creative ideas for outings, newly introducing the Quranic Park. The Quranic Park is a really good option if you’re searching for an open area in Dubai. The park is an ideal walking place where you can enjoy wandering around the green areas and the man-made lake inside it. 

An extra advantage for the Quranic Park is that you won’t just enjoy the walk, but it also introduces the Islamic heritage and culture in a fun and easy way. 

In addition, it has the Miracles Cave that presents the 7 miracles of the prophet Muhammad which are metioned in th Holy Quran. Don’t worry about the park’s entry fee; it is free for everyone. Don’t miss visiting this incredible park; you’ll really like it!

Opening Hours: 8 am-10 pm, except on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday till 11 pm.
The Miracles Cave Entering Fee: AED 5/person.


It’s located on Al Warqa Road.

Quranic Park

8. Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park

Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park is the best place for a morning walk in Dubai. The park is nestled between the area’s majestic towers with a stunning view of the lake. Whether you’re living at Jumeirah Lakes Towers or not, everyone can freely enjoy it, too! 

You can go walking while listening to your favourite songs in the morning’s fresh air; isn’t it perfect? There are also other activities held at the park like cinema under the sky, sports events, holiday celebrations, and more! 


It’s located at Jumeirah Tower Park.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park

9. Kite Beach

Kite Beach is one of Dubai’s most notable beaches and a perfect spot for walking. Its walking track is 14 km long overlooking the beach; having a walk there is an unmissable chance and an interesting experience too! 

Most of the kite surfers head to Kite beach to enjoy their time there. You can take a rest on the benches, grab a fresh juice, and enjoy watching the stunning kite surfers! 


It’s located in Umm Suqeim on 2c Street off Jumeirah Road.

Kite beach

10. The Walk at JBR 

The Walk at JBR is part of Jumeirah Beach Residence; it’s a great walking distance with a number of high-end shops for avid shoppers and restaurants serving various cuisines. 

After having a delicious lunch, you can take a stroll through it to see the artistic paintings on some of its walls that will leave you mesmerized by their beauty.

The Walk at JBR is really one of the most interesting and nice places to walk in Dubai. You won’t run out of options there. You can go shopping or meet with your friends who you missed, and then it’s time for a walk with a cool drink!


It’s located on Al Mamsha Street, Jumeirah Beach Residence. 

The Walk at JBR

11. Al Barsha Pond Park

Your upcoming favourite destination is here! It’s Al Barsha Pond Park. It’s a well-designed and equipped one, belonging to Al Barsha community. The park is an ideal choice for going out to enjoy the fresh air. 

For Al Barsha community residents, no more going away to enjoy a walk; Al Barsha Pond Park is here minutes away from your doorstep. Going out to enjoy the fresh air will always be a good idea. 

You can specify the suitable time to go walking to become a habit. A plus point is that the park has playing areas and different activities for kids, so they can enjoy their time too. 

Opening Hours: 8 am-10 pm, except on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday till 11 pm. 
Entrance Fee: Free.


It’s located at Al Barsha 2, opposite Al Barsha Mall. 

Al Barsha Pond Park

12. Dubai Water Canal

Do you want to go out to a spectacular and not an ordinary destination? Good! Dubai Water Canal is exactly what you’re looking for. At Dubai Water Canal, you will enjoy walking in the fresh air with the incredible man-made waterfalls view. 

Not just that, at night the lights of Dubai Water Canal are turned on, making for an astonishing view and spreading cheerful vibes! Don’t hesitate to go for a walk and take vibrant pictures; it’s an exceptional experience!


It’s located on 260 Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay.

Dubai Water Canal

13. Al Qudra

How about going for a walk surrounded by beautiful nature? It’s a nice idea for a change as we get bored from the usual places whether malls or places inside the city; some rest from the quick pace of life is always needed. When it comes to a walk in a natural place, Al Qudra lake is the one. It’s  called the love lake as it consists of two connected hearts. 

It is an open air area where you can enjoy walking while listening to some music. You can also go with some friends and maybe have a barbecue too. Al Qudra is an ideal place for walking in Dubai if you’re searching for one away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 


It’s located on Al Qudra Road. 

Al Qudra lake

14. Mushrif Park  

Al Mushrif Park is one of the oldest parks in the UAE. It’s also known as the National Park. This one suits you the most if you’re looking for a wide and spacious walking area in Dubai. 

At Mushrif Park, the beautiful scenery of the pretty flowers and greenery is so calming and tranquilizing, making it a flawless option. Besides, you don’t have to buy or bring anything when you’re heading to Mushrif Park; it includes all the facilities that you might need. 

Entrance Fee: AED 3/person.
Opening Hours: 8 am-10 pm, except on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday till 11 pm. 


It’s located on Al Khawaneej Street, Mushrif. 

Al Mushrif Park

15. Creek Park 

Here comes the second largest park in Dubai, Creek Park. This one has many features that you will like. Firstly, it overlooks Dubai Creek which means that you will enjoy a walk by a beautiful view. 

Secondly, it has specific lanes for walking. Last but not least, this wonderful park includes a huge number of activities; spending a day there with family or friends is definitely a cool thing to do. 

Moreover, Creek Park is home to Dubai Dolphinarium, where you can watch the shows of the friendly dolphins. Besides, Children’s City inside the park is a dream for kids; your little ones will love it!

Entrance Fee: AED 5/person. 
Opening Hours: 8 am-10 pm, except on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday till 11 pm.


It’s located at Umm Hurair 2. 

Creek Park

Here are all the details you need to wander the dream city! We gathered the best places to walk around Dubai in different regions. You choose from those endless options the one you like. Surely, whatever your preference, you will find it here in the above cool destinations! 

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