Luxurious Residences in Dubai – by Carla Maria Issa

Villa or apartment, these are the top 10 most expensive places to splash out in Dubai.

Top 10 Luxury Residences in Dubai

Luxury properties have historically been Dubai’s bread and butter. A number of new apartment projects have cropped up and made the top 10 list of the most expensive across the Emirate. Palme Couture, Volante, Alef Residences, The Address BLVD and The 118 are all newcomers and cost at least AED 6 million and go up to an average of AED 37 million. As for luxury villas, The World Islands project, as well as long-standing luxury sectors in Emirates Hills and on the Palm Jumeirah, make the list. Villas in these areas are upwards of AED 35 million on average.

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