Best Gated Communities in Sharjah

If you’re after a sense of peaceful family-oriented living, Sharjah ticks all the right boxes. With its affordable prices, soothing lakes, and cultural attractions, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to busy Dubai.

To help you out, we’ve gathered a list of the top gated communities in the former Cultural Capital of the Arab World.

sharjah communities

1. Sharqan 

Sharqan is a residential community in Sharjah that promises privacy and peace of mind. It is exclusively a gated villa community perfect for big families.

You would be choosing a prime location in Sharjah close to a range of amenities and services, including medical clinics and schools closeby.


The community is in a quiet area at the edge of the emirate of Sharjah near the Arabian Gulf.

Nearby Attractions

In no time you will find yourself at Sharjah’s well-known spots: 

  • Blue Souk: 10 minutes away
  • Al Khan Corniche: 10 minutes away 
  • Al Majaz Waterfront Park: 15 minutes away
  • Sharjah City Center: 15 minutes away
  • Mega Mall: 15 minutes away
  • Sharjah International Airport: 20 minutes away.

Community Highlights

Here’s a look at some of the facilities at Sharqan you would be taking advantage of while living there:

  • Luxury villas 
  • Office space 
  • Swimming pool
  • Greenery 
  • Gym
  • Nearby schools
  • Nearby clinics
  • Supermarkets 
  • Sports facilities
  • Nearby restaurants and cafes
  • Nearby beaches.
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Property Types and Prices

Villas at Sharqan comprise the following units:

  • 3-bedroom villas: Starting 1,200 sq.ft. 
  • 4-bedroom villas: Starting 6000 sq.ft.
  • 5-bedroom villas: Starting 6,200 sq.ft.

For an idea about rent prices, check the following: 

  • 3-bedroom villas: Starting AED 45,000/year
  • 4-bedroom villas: Starting AED 79,999/year
  • 5-bedroom villas: Starting AED 80,000/year

Property Finder gathered all available villas for rent at Sharqan to make it easier for you.

If you have a plan to buy your new home at Sharqan, here are the average sale prices there: 

  • 5-bedroom villas: Starting AED 3,100,000
  • 7-bedroom villas: Starting AED 8,000,000

Take a look at all houses for sale at Sharqan on Property Finder.

2. Al Zahia 

Compounds in Sharjah don’t get any better than this! Al Zahia is among the UAE’s top gated communities; it consists of a collection of amazing neighborhoods highly comparable in design to Dubai’s iconic Arabian Ranches

al zahia clubhouse

Aimed to be the ultimate lifestyle destination for the entire family, there’s a wide range of property types available to cater everyone’s needs. Additionally, there’s no shortage of green spaces and entertainment facilities to indulge.


Al Zahia community is located in New Sharjah on University City Rd.

Nearby Attractions

Location is everything! Al Zahia is close to the following attractions: 

  • American University in Sharjah: 10 minutes away 
  • Sharjah International Airport: 15 minutes away
  • Safari Mall: 15 minutes away
  • Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club: 15 minutes away
  • Blue Souk: 25 minutes away.

Community Highlights

Only world-class facilities await at Al Zahia:

  • 6 communities
  • Spacious green areas
  • 6 themed parks
  • Clubhouse
  • Sustainable designs
  • Play areas
  • Shops 
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • City Centre Al Zahia 
  • Uptown Al Zahia
  • Community events.
Gated communities in sharjah

Property Types and Prices

There are various neighbourhoods to choose from within Al Zahia, each offering distinctive features: 

  • Garden Apartments
  • Al Yasmeen 
  • Al Narjis
  • Al Jouri
  • Al Lilac
  • Uptown Al Zahia.

You will find the following property types to suit your needs: 

  • Villas
  • Commercial villas
  • Townhouses
  • Apartments.

Here’s a look at the average prices for rent at Al Zahia: 

  • 1-bedroom apartment: Starting AED 28,000/year
  • 2-bedroom apartment: Starting AED 34,985/year
  • 4-bedroom villa: Starting AED 119,999/year.

Find out all about the available properties for rent at Al Zahia on Property Finder. 

Alternatively, average sale prices for a more permanent home are as follows: 

  • Studio: Starting AED 390,000
  • 1-bedroom apartment: Starting AED 550,000
  • 2-bedroom apartment: Starting AED 850,000
  • 2-bedroom townhouse: Starting AED 1,207,900
  • 3-bedroom townhouse: Starting AED 1,264,300
  • 4-bedroom townhouse: Starting AED 2,199,000
  • 3-bedroom villa: Starting AED 2,577,000
  • 4-bedroom villa: Starting AED 2,726,000
  • 5-bedroom villa: Starting AED 2,842,400
  • 6-bedroom villa: Starting AED 3,400,000.

Take a look at all available houses for sale at Al Zahia on Property Finder.

3. Al Suyoh 

If you want a community in Sharjah and at the same time close to Dubai, Al Suyoh may just be the perfect choice for you. Al Suyoh is located right on the border of Sharjah and Dubai, so easy access is one of its main attractions.

Al Suyoh offers spacious villas for families and also apartments within a total of 12 gated sub-communities. It is located in a peaceful, suburban area of Sharjah with various facilities within close range.


Al Suyoh is located on the Dubai-Sharjah border.

Nearby Attractions

A prime location like that means proximity to many attractions:

  • Sharjah National Park: 15 minutes away
  • University City: 20 minutes away
  • Sharjah International Airport: 20 minutes away
  • Sahara Centre: 25 minutes away
  • Mirdif City Centre: 25 minutes away
  • Dubai International Airport: 30 minutes away
  • Blue Souk: 30 minutes away.
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Community Highlights

Take a look at the facilities in and close to Al Suyoh for your convenience: 

  • Green areas
  • Play area
  • Community mall
  • Jogging track
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Supermarket.

Property Types and Prices

A range of apartments, villas, and townhouses in Sharjah can be found at Al Suyoh; furthermore, if you have family or friends visiting there are also serviced villas they can rent for the holidays.

Here’s a glimpse at the average sale prices at Al Suyoh: 

  • 3-bedroom townhouse: Starting AED 1,550,000
  • 3-bedroom villa: Starting AED 1,850,000
  • 4-bedroom villa: Starting AED 2,100,000
  • 5-bedroom villa: Starting AED 2,800,000.

Check out available properties for sale at Al Suyoh on Property Finder.

4. Al Tai 

Al Tai is designed to serve those looking for the ultra-modern lifestyle in the heart of Sharjah. The gated community is focused on villas, but apartments and townhouses are available as well.

You will find that Al Tai is quite popular with expats in the region scattered over its 3 main sub-communities. Many facilities serve the community to make your life as easy and enjoyable as possible. Entertainment attractions are closeby.


Al Tai is directly accessible from Emirates Rd. in Sharjah.

Nearby Attractions

Take a look at the many attractions close to the community: 

  • Sharjah International Airport: 15 minutes away
  • Safari Mall: 15 minutes away
  • Mirdif City Centre: 20 minutes away
  • Sahara Centre: 20 minutes away
  • Dubai International Airport: 20 minutes away
  • Al Majaz Waterfront Park: 30 minutes away.
sharjah attractions

Community Highlights 

No community is complete without a few perks to keep things interesting! Check out these highlights that make Al Tai a great option: 

  • 3 sub-communities 
  • Direct connection to Ajman and Dubai
  • Green areas
  • Recreational parks
  • Supermarkets and grocery shops
  • Mosque.

Property Types and Prices

At Tai, you can choose from villas, townhouses, and apartments located in these 3 sub-communities: 

  • Nasma Residences 
  • Basateen Al Tai 
  • Wahat Al Tai.

For an idea about average rent prices, check this: 

  • 3-bedroom townhouse: Starting AED 69,999/year
  • 3-bedroom villa: Starting AED 70,000/year
  • 5-bedroom villa: Starting AED 100,000/year.

Check all available properties for rent at Al Tai on Property Finder.

Looking to buy? Here an idea about the average sale prices:

  • 2-bedroom apartment: Starting AED 1,090,000
  • 3-bedroom townhouse: Starting AED 1,250,000
  • 3-bedroom villa: Starting AED 1,378,000
  • 4-bedroom villa: Starting AED 1,960,000.

Properties for sale at Al Tai are available on Property Finder. 

A lot of residents enjoy the laid-back vibe Sharjah has to offer, and you should check it out too. If you’re looking for privacy there, you’ll find it in these communities. 

Find here the best properties to rent in Sharjah.

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