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Arabian Ranches

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Arabian Ranches

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Think no further if you’re looking for a suburban haven in Dubai. Arabian Ranches offers a variety of freehold villas and townhouses of two to six bedrooms, forming a complete community for families, with many amenities and facilities.

With an abundance of schools in the vicinity and a skate park for the kids, the Ranches is preferred by families looking for gated community living. The retail center and Ranches Souk are at hand for all shopping and entertainment needs.

Arabian Ranches is a great place for young families as there are a lot of community pools, parks, playgrounds, and tennis courts. The bus service operates very frequently.

House prices House Prices

Avg. 3 Bedrooms Villa Asking Price:
3,400,000 AED
Avg. 3 Bedrooms Villa Transaction Price:
Avg. 3 Bedrooms Villa Rental Price:
230,000 AED
Avg. Gross Yield:
The Market:

Properties Properties in Arabian Ranches


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Exclusive | 12.5k Plot | Fully Renovated


Saheel, Arabian Ranches, Dubai

5 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

6,000 sqft


10,500,000 AED

Stunning La Avenida home|Exclusive representatiton


La Avenida 1, La Avenida, Arabian Ranches, Dubai

5 bedrooms

5 bathrooms

4,424 sqft


8,000,000 AED

Type 4 | Tenanted 6.25% ROI | Bright


Aseel, Arabian Ranches, Dubai

6 bedrooms

7 bathrooms

5,395 sqft


625,000 AED/year

Gorgeous garden | Upgraded kitchen | Games room


Al Mahra, Arabian Ranches, Dubai

5 bedrooms

4 bathrooms

4,750 sqft


475,000 AED/year

Stunning Villa I Quiet Location| Available July


Alvorada 1, Alvorada, Arabian Ranches, Dubai

5 bedrooms

5 bathrooms

4,424 sqft


625,000 AED/year

Fully upgraded | Private pool | Prime location


Al Mahra, Arabian Ranches, Dubai

5 bedrooms

6 bathrooms

4,872 sqft

Properties Frequently asked questions

Where Is Arabian Ranches Located?

Ringed by the prestigious sunny desert of Dubai, Arabian Ranches’ location is close to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road; besides, it’s exit at Intersection 4, on Sheikh Zayed Road, is 9 km away from the heart of the city.

One can easily reach Al Khail Road from Arabian Ranches through Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, providing a smooth drive while heading to Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, or even across town heading to Deira.

How Far Is Arabian Ranches to the Most Popular Attractions?

Arabian Ranches is one of the most famous communities in Dubai, surrounded by dunes along with a friendly atmosphere for families. Also, it abstracts exceptionality out of the amazing location, near to many popular attractions such as:

  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club: 3 minutes away
  • Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club: 8 minutes away
  • Mall of the Emirates: 23 minutes away
  • Burj Al Arab: 23 minutes away
  • Palm Jumeirah: 24 minutes away
  • Dubai Mall: 26 minutes away
  • The Walk at JBR: 27 minutes away
  • Dubai International Airport: 37 minutes away
What Are the Transportation Options in Arabian Ranches?

Living at Arabian Ranches means that you probably have more privileges than people of other communities, as this premium community tends to have a high standard of living. This is reflected in the means of transportation, as follows:

  • Metro: There are no metro stations near Arabian Ranches, but still the nearest ones can be reached are the first Abu Dhabi Bank, Sharaf DG, and Mall of the Emirates
  • Bus: This community is strongly connectedby the RTA bus route F30; the first bus stop of the route is Mall Of Emirates Metro Bus Stop - 03 then it will end up in Mall Of Emirates Metro Bus Stop - 02.
  • Taxi: One can easily choose among taxi services in Arabian Ranches, provided by leading companies with highly professional chauffeurs. Uber and Careem are worldwide popular services; RTA taxis can be also found in both The Ranches Souk and Retail Center
What Are the Community Facilities in Arabian Ranches?

Arabian Ranches is known, among other communities in Dubai, as one of the most famous pioneering suburban neighborhoods; due to that it offers lots of spectacular facilities like:

  • Golf courses
  • Large lakes
  • Full-sized tennis courts
  • International-sized polo fields
  • Volleyball court
  • Swimming pools
  • Skate park
  • Walking trails
  • Mosques
  • Medical clinic
  • Petrol and police stations
  • Parks and kids area/playgrounds
  • Hair salon and nail spa
  • Restaurants
  • Security
  • Health centers and spa
  • Strong security
What Are the Best Hotels Within Arabian Ranches?

If you are looking for a cozy accommodation in Arabian Ranches, don’t miss out on staying at one of the hotels out there as they all appear to be in an outstanding condition. Here are some of the most famous hotels in town:

  • Frank Porter - Arabian Ranches Villa (Rating:****): Arabian Ranches
  • Millennium Mont Rose (Rating:***): Dubai Science Park
  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club: Palma, Emirates Road
What Are the Best Schools and Nurseries in Arabian Ranches?

It is widely known that Arabian Ranches is the number one community for families in Dubai, especially the ones with school-age children. Here are some of the famous nurseries and schools in the region:


  • Raffles Nursery

Year Group: Nursery (2-4 years)

Curriculum: British

Location: Saheel community


  • Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS)

Year Group: Stage 1 - year 13

Curriculum: UK curriculum - IB curriculum

Location: Arabian Ranches

KHDA rating: Outstanding

  • Ranches Primary School

Year Group: Until year 6

Curriculum: British

Location: Arabian Ranches 2

KHDA rating: Very Good

  • GEMS United School

Year Group: Until year 12

Curriculum: American

Location: Arabian Ranches 2

KHDA rating: Good.

What Are the Best Supermarkets and Grocery Stores in Arabian Ranches?

Carrefour is indeed considered the main supermarket in Arabian Ranches so that you won’t need to look for supermarkets and grocery stores nearby. There are mainly two branches inside the community:

  • Carrefour

Location: Arabian Ranches Village

Hours: 7 am-11 pm

  • Carrefour Market

Location: The Ranches Souk

Hours: 7:30 am-10 pm.

What Are the Best Health Clinics and Hospitals in Arabian Ranches?

You don’t have to go outside Arabian Ranches if you need any medical care; Arabian Ranches clinics are everywhere around you with almost all specialties.

Get ready for special treatment and outstanding hospitals. Here are the most remarkable clinics and hospitals in Arabian Ranches:

  • Aster Clinic

Location: Emaar Mall

Hours: 9:30 am-1:30 pm

Some Specialties: Family Medicine, General Medicine, Paediatrics, Dentistry

  • Mediclinic

Location: Arabian Ranches Community

Hours: 8 am-8 pm

Some Specialties: Dentistry, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, Family Medicine, Obstetrics, Gynaecology.

What Are the Most Popular Restaurants in Arabian Ranches?

By living in Arabian Ranches, one can always find the right restaurant whether you are looking for a fast-food outlet or a fancy restaurant. Let’s take a look at a couple of famous restaurants out there such as:

  • Carluccio's (ZomatoRating 4.4, Italian, The Ranches Souk)
  • The Hamptons Cafe (ZomatoRating 4.1, Mediterranean, Behind Golf Club)
  • PAUL Bakery & Restaurant (ZomatoRating 4.1, French, The Ranches Souq)
  • Ranches Restaurant (ZomatoRating 3.4, International, Golf Club)
  • Maison Mathis (ZomatoRating 3.8, European, Arabian Ranches Golf Club)
  • Al Arrab (ZomatoRating 3.6, Arabian, Arabian Carrefour)
What Are Things to Do in Arabian Ranches?

Known as one of the most soul-soothing communities in Dubai, Arabian Ranches is the ideal place for people who want to live peacefully without any kind of disturbance. You can enjoy your time as much as you can, but this won’t delay the effect of tranquil surroundings.

In order to discover more about this overwhelming community, we brought you simple activities to do in Arabian Ranches both during the day and at night:

Things to Do in Arabian Ranches During the Day

  • Take a Casual Stroll Around the Place. If you are living in Arabian Ranches then you will definitely have lots of parks nearby; this may encourage you to go for a walk, especially with the existence of paths winding through the whole community, attaching between neighborhoods and around the lakes
  • Visit The Arabian Ranches Golf Club Dubai. It is a really good choice for golf lovers
  • Visit Polo & Equestrian Club. This place is dedicated for the people who love equestrian activities
  • Grab Some Coffee with Friends. When the rush hour of schools is over, you can find moms grabbing some coffee with friends at local coffee shops

Things to Do in Arabian Ranches at Night

  • Visit the Arabian Ranches Retail Center. It is a whole world brought to you in one place, starting from shopping to several entertainment options. You can also dine with your friends and family out there
  • Have a Look at Ranches Souk. Shopaholic people, get ready for a lifetime experience as you will get to have a chance of having a tour in one of the most popular shopping centers in Arabian Ranches.
  • Go Shopping for Groceries. Last but not least, most of the families enjoy last-minute shopping for groceries at the end of the day
What Are the Best Shopping Destinations in Arabian Ranches?

There are lots of unique shopping places in Arabian Ranches provided with dining places and entertainment choices to make your shopping experience more special.

Here are some of the shopping places within the Arabian Ranches area:

  • Arabian Ranches Village


Hours: 10 am-7 pm

  • The Ranches Souk

Location:Al Qudra Road

Hours: 10 am - 7 pm

  • The Arabian Ranches Retail Center

Location: Arabian Ranches.

What Property Types Are Available in Arabian Ranches?

Arabian Ranches is more like a villa-only community, mostly landscaped and always ready for big families’ settlement. The types of properties, only available in Arabian Ranches, provide a luxurious impact on the general mood of the community.

Here are the available types of properties that exist in Arabian Ranches:

  • Villas
  • Townhouses
What Are the Best Towers and Communities in Arabian Ranches?

Arabian Ranches is a well-known community with only villas; if you settled your mind on a decent kind of property near some fresh green area, then here are the best communities and villas in Arabian Ranches to help you make a better choice:

  1. Mirador
  • Type of Residence: Residential community
  • Apartments: Spanish villas
  • Highlights:
    • Private pools
    • Gardens
  1. Casa
  • Type of Residence: Residential villa community
  • Apartments: 3- and 4 -bedroom units; Moroccan style villas
  • Highlights:
    • Swimming pool
    • Parks
    • Kids area
  1. Al Reem
  • Type of Residence: Residential community (villas with Arab and Spanish designs)
  • Apartments: 3-, 4-, and 5-bedroom villas
  • Highlights:
    • Parks
    • Kids area
    • Restaurants
  1. Alvorada 1
  • Type of Residence: Residential community
  • Apartments: Portuguese-like villas
  • Developer: Emaar
  • Highlights:
    • Restaurants and polo club
    • Gym
    • Walkways
    • Community park
    • Kids area
    • Cafes and golf course
    • Bicycle riding trails
  1. Al Reem 2
  • Type of Residence: Villa community
  • Apartments: 3- and 4-bedroom villas
  • Developer: Al Saraya Properties
  • Highlights:
    • Swimming pools and spa
    • Security (24 hours)
    • Retails
    • Restaurants
    • Community parks
    • Community center
    • Kids area
  1. Al Reem 3
  • Type of Residence: Villa community
  • Apartments: 3- and 4-bedroom villas with private garden
  • Developer: Al Saraya Properties
  • Highlights:
    • Polo club resort style fitness
    • Community center
    • Restaurants and spa
    • Swimming pools
    • Kids area
    • Security (24 hours)
    • Retail outlets
    • Community parks
  1. Palmera 3
  • Type of Residence: Villa community
  • Apartments: 2- and 3-bedroom townhouses
  • Developer: Emaar
  • Highlights:
    • Gym
    • Swimming pool
    • Community park
    • Kids area
    • Golf course
    • Restaurant and polo club
    • Private gardens
What Are the Events in Arabian Ranches?

The Arabian Ranches community encourages diversity to an extent that makes a group of unrelated residents fit together, without differentiating between them. They all celebrate different holidays such as Eid, Christmas, and Diwali; still, each one inside the community feels as if they are a part of a big family that can make anyone feel like home.

Moreover, there are a couple of Facebook groups related to the community along with a famous women’s expat social group that is responsible for organizing events like book clubs, coffee mornings, and other activities.