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Charlie Bannan

Leasing Director, Haus & Haus Real Estate Broker

Once you’ve narrowed down a shortlist of properties to rent, the logical step is to schedule a viewing. Remember, what you see on screen is not always what you get. When inspecting a property for rent, be honest with your needs, wants and feedback. Naturally, you will only feel comfortable being honest with someone you trust. This is why working with an experienced and trustworthy broker can simplify your experience, particularly in ensuring your requirements are aligned with the properties you are viewing.

Attending property viewings can be time consuming, so you want to make sure you are using your time wisely and come armed with the right questions to ask. Sometimes, there may be some give and take with what the market can offer. A skilled broker will set your expectations, and advise where, why and how you can find the best home on the market to match your needs.

When to schedule a viewing

Timing is of the essence for a seamless property transaction. Remember, the landlord will only negotiate the best annual rental amount and terms when they see commitment and a serious offer on the table. Ideally, landlords aim to have their property tenanted within one to two months of it becoming vacant, in the event that a tenant is not sourced prior to the exit of the last. With this in mind, it is important to note that if you start your viewing process too early, the properties you see today may not be available in the market in a few months. Be sure of your timeline to move before you pick up the phone to schedule a viewing, so to not waste any parties time.

If you don’t manage to get through to the property agent on your first call or email during, Property Finder offers the option WhatsApp for a large majority of listings. This helps you contact an agent in real time to get your foot in the door of the property as soon as possible.

Verify property details

When placing the initial call to the property agent, it is important to remember that this call is also your opportunity to verify the property is still available, and validate all details advertised, such as the annual rent, number of cheques and security deposit. Have a pen and paper handy to note down any important points.

Extra questions to ask…

Don’t be afraid to ask additional questions that may not be mentioned in the listing. For example:

Of course, you can get these answered upon viewing the property, but if the response to one of the above questions is a deal breaker from the outset, you can save the time taken to complete an inspection. Alternatively, if you are satisfied with the information you can proceed to organise a viewing. 

At this stage, you should also confirm whether the meeting point is at the agents office or at the property, as well as whether the property will be shown by the agent or the individual seller.

Initial checklist for viewing a property

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Surroundings, amenities and facilities

Property exteriors

Interiors and quality of furnishings

Browse through a variety of properties available for rent

Security and community rules

Overall property condition

It can be challenging to thoroughly inspect a property within a short time frame. That’s why it pays to be prepared with checklists to spot red flags or deal breakers. Remember, if you require further clarity on anything you spotted during the inspection, you can reach out to the agent, or even schedule a follow up inspection for peace of mind.

If the property ticks all the right boxes, here is a list of the necessary documents you should have on hand to proceed to application and seal the deal:

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