Discovery Gardens

Welcome to Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens is one of the 60 major communities in freehold Dubai. An exceptional residential community located in Jebel Ali, Discovery Gardens offers residents a beautiful home, set in exquisite surroundings, putting your lifestyle dreams within affordable reach. It is a modern residential community that opens up a world of cosmopolitan sophistication and offers integrated living at its best. The community is rectangular shaped, with one end facing Sheikh Zayed Road and the other along Mohammad Bin Zayed Road.

Nearest Stations in Discovery Gardens

  • Nakheel Harbour & Tower metro station
  • Discovery Garden bus stop

Commute Times by Car in Discovery Gardens


  • Media City – 13 minutes
  • DIFC – 38 minutes
  • Dubai Marina – 14 minutes
  • Al Maktoum Airport – 28 minutes
  • Dubai International Airport – 46 minutes

Around the block

The neighbours

Small expat families

The area is largely populated by small expat families looking for affordable, yet comfortable, accommodation.

Discovery Gardens-7

Although this part of town is slightly further from locations most 20-something bachelors usually reside in, such as Marina and Downtown, the affordable prices make it well worth it.

Discovery Gardens-17

perfect for

Affordable housing in the hub of the city

The big advantage of Discovery Gardens is that it’s well located in New Dubai yet with prices still being affordable. The prices in the area are mainly determined by location.

Discovery Gardens-6
Discovery Gardens-12

the lifestyle

Afternoons in the gardens

In terms of activities and leisure, residents have several community pools, playgrounds and a couple of basketball and tennis courts that are free to use. Discovery Gardens owes its name to the stunning garden that surrounds it.

Discovery Gardens-5
Discovery Gardens-9

not so great for

Limited access

There are times that the community seems like a bunch of low-level housing blocks from which the traffic tries to burst out of in the morning, causing a few headaches for the less patient among us! Fortunately, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) quickly helped to reduce the traffic tailbacks by building a roundabout. Outside of peak hours, there’s no real problem.

Discovery Gardens-41

Along with the lack of community facilities, the other big problem that the residents of Discovery Gardens are facing has to do with access. You can only reach it through the two Ibn Battuta exits on Sheikh Zayed Road or via an unofficial route through the sand from Al Khail Road. Even though Discovery Gardens is probably less than 50% fully constructed, a lack of proper planning means that the access roads are completely inadequate during peak hours.

Discovery Gardens residential

the market

One of 2017’s most affordable communities

The community has matured and has very high occupancy rates (estimated at between 95 – 97%). The 291 buildings in the community are mainly inhabited by bachelors and small families. There are no designated car parks, but parking is plentiful around each and every building. The community has greened tremendously since its delivery in 2009. Based on the location, space and affordability of the apartments, as well as the overall quality of the communities, Discovery Gardens is one of the top areas in Dubai to rent a studio for under AED 50K. Discovery Gardens is also one of the 20 rising areas to rent and buy in Dubai. For the year of 2017, Discovery Gardens is one of the most affordable communities.

Discovery Gardens-19

Buildings are clustered by style: Zen, Mediterranean, Contemporary and Mogul. The Zen and Mediterranean buildings command the highest sale and rental prices. Other factors that can affect prices are proximity to the pool and other facilities. Buildings closer to the desert and power cables that run adjacent to the community, command lower sale prices.

Discovery Gardens pavilion
Discovery apartments

you will fall in love with

The colorful architecture

Discovery Gardens buildings are colourful and architecturally pleasing. It consists of themed districts, each with its own distinctive character, capturing different elements of nature’s rich diversity. The community’s close proximity to Dubai’s major business and economic centres, including Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre and Ibn Battuta Mall make it an ideal location for business and leisure.

Discovery building

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Our selection in Discovery Gardens

Pizzaro propertyfinder


For the love of pizza, please make sure you visit Pizzaro.

Ichikura discovery gardens


This deliciously deep bowl of brothy noodles isn’t just a cheap, student meal, for sure!

Green Chillies

Green Chillies

Green Chillies offers a vast selection of Indian cuisine, including some top fish curry.

Ibn battuta mall

Ibn Battuta Mall

The Ibn Battuta Mall is close to Discovery Gardens and has restaurants, a cinema and a variety of shops, including an opticians (eye tests for driving only), Western retail stores, e.g. Next, H&M, and others.

Discovery Pavilion

Discovery Pavilion

A new community center nearby, developed by Nakheel.

Moss Bros Ibn battuta mall

Moss Bros

The British suit specialist – the best at its kind.

Discovery gardens kids park

Kids park discovery garden

Located between street 3 and 4, offering a wide space and free entertainment to kids.

Tennis Court street 5

There is another tennis court between street 11 and street 12. Both are free for yellow ball lovers!

Gold’s Gym

An American chain of international co-ed fitness centers, made in California.

MMA Fitness Center

MMA Fitness Center

Dubai’s fitness and fighting arts facility thankfully has a branch in Discovery Gardens!

Fitness factory

Fitness factory

Your go-to gym with real full-gym service.


Ibn Battuta Gate

Inspired with the 14th century traveller and adventurer Ibn Battuta in mind. Its impressive Arabian interior concentrating on luxury and jaw dropping beauty was evident with its grand hall entry lobby adorned with 88 lanterns hanging as a stunning focal point some 30 metres down from the ceiling providing a neck aching view as you wander through to its six different culture restaurants.